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“Coffee!” Ti shouted as he was carried away from Kokoro's mirror. “Coffee! Let me go! Coffee's in trouble!”

Ti had the luck (good or bad depended on one's perspectives) of landing between two guards when he'd tumbled out. Seeing their young prince, the guards had quickly taken him away from the mirror and towards the throne room, where his distressed parents waited.

“Ti!” Meringue cried, rushing forward and scooping him up. “Ti, where have you been?!”

“Mama, datchu! Mama, Papa - Coffee and Pretty Cure are in trouble, datchu!”


OP: "Pretty Cure, Hands Meet" - SHE


TODAY'S EPISODE: All Our Hearts Are Entwined


Lady straightened, opening her eyes as her hair and clothes moved in the violent storm, with only her face calm.

She grinned cruelly, staring them down with new eyes: the same irises as before, but with pitch-black sclerae and red pupil.

”Pretty Cure are invincible? Let's see you try this...”

“Coffee!” Lovely Capulet instantly leaped out of the way, heading for the school. She had to fight alongside her friends, but she also had to protect Coffee. And...and no matter what happened to them, Coffee had to be safe. She didn't know what would happen, but having Coffee in her pockets or hiding in her back-bow wouldn't protect her.

Lady let out a guttural cry and flung her arm in Capulet's direction. A surge of pitch-black energy, moving like water, shot towards her retreating form.

“No, you don't!”

Suddenly, Lovely Montague leaped in the way, arms spread out. The dark energy hit her, convulsing around her like an electric shock. Lovely Montague screamed once, but then grit her teeth and bore it. “Y-You...W-Won't hurt her...!” she grunted.

”You won't hurt anyone!” twin voices rang out. Lovely Portia and Lovely Ariel both leaped up at the same time, flanking Lady.

Lady dropped her arm and shifted her body, turning towards Lovely Portia just as--

”Pretty Cure Bronze Steadfast Shoot!”

--and Lady smirked. One half-second her form was a black and purple blur, and then she was gone. The light from Lovely Portia's attack missed entirely and hit Lovely Ariel. The teal Cure shrieked in pain – it hurt a lot less than it would if she were a monster, but it still hurt!

“Lovely Ariel!” gasped Lovely Portia, willing away the Box of Revelations. Then suddenly, Lady teleported behind her, a cruel smile on her face. As Lovely Portia turned around, there was a resounding SMACK and the girl fell to the ground hard.


In the darkened classroom, Eguchi was using her phone to broadcast a live news feed for the others. It was the only light in the room.

”This is Shimamura reporting from Channel Seven's news-copter! You will be reassured to know that I and my camera crew are well inside the safety of the helicopter and will not be opening any doors or windows! Our copter is strong enough to withstand these winds, and-- what's that?!”

The camera zoomed in on a falling figure, just as she crashed to the ground.

”Oh my God! Oh my God, it seems there is a civilian outside and we may have a casualt – wait a minute.”

Before everyone's eyes, the figure got up, standing inside a small crater. She leaped back into the air, meeting a woman in black and purple midway. The two traded punches and kicks, but the woman seemed to get the upper hand again and kicked her back down.

”I can't believe what I'm seeing!”

Emi leaned in closer, having situated herself by Eguchi earlier. “That looks like...” she murmured, frowning lightly.

Mirai suddenly blinked and straightened. “Someone's here,” she whispered.


A loud tapping sounded at the window just then. “Open it!” someone screamed outside. “Open it, please!”

“We're so high up one should be at the window,” someone whispered as Mrs Matoko steeled herself. She grabbed a nearby broom and made her way to the window, carefully opened the blinds--

--and came face-to-face with a blonde girl in a tiara and extravagant dress. A little rat was in her hands.

“What the--?” Mrs Matoko gasped.

“Hurry, please!” yelled the girl. As Mrs Matoko hastily opened the window, she leaned forward slightly and handed her the rat.


“I'm very sorry, but please stay inside!” the blonde yelled before leaping away.

Mrs Matoko cried out, running towards the window, but before everyone's eyes, the girl just landed on a nearby tree, and then leaped so far and so high it was like she was flying. The teacher stared out the window, eyes wide. “Who was--?”

“Hiromi!” Mirai suddenly yelled, catching everyone's attention. Everyone turned to stare at her, but Mirai didn't seem to notice. She just stood straight up, face pale and hands trembling. “That was Hiromi just now!”


“Portia!” Montague and Ariel screamed together, bringing out their weapons.

Lovely Portia wasn't Lady's only target, of course – Lady had stopped beating her moments ago, it would be foolish of her to focus on one small insect. But she was still too close to Portia, and they had to make sure she wouldn't try anything else.

”Pretty Cure Amethyst Sincere Shoot!”
”Pretty Cure Lovely Steadfast Arrow!"

Lady turned around just as the attacks were about to hit; a surge of black energy crackled around her, deflecting the attacks and sending them back at Pretty Cure. She smiled when they screamed; their attacks had flown back faster with her aid, infused with the dark, despair energy of the water that still floated in huge droplets everywhere. With another wave of her hand, another stream of energy erupted from the ground and slammed both of them into one such droplet.

They screamed, tears beginning to form in their eyes, but it was muffled. Lady didn't mind it; it was still screaming, just as she wanted to hear. ”How does it feel, Pretty Cure?” she said coldly. ”How does the depths of despair feel?”

”Leave them alone!” Lovely Capulet screamed, flying out of nowhere, Rapier Wand at the ready. ”Pretty Cure Golden Innocent Shoot!”

This time, Lady was taken by surprise. The blast of golden light struck her, briefly enveloping her as she cried out--

Lovely Portia took the chance to jump high into the air, near the bubbles her friends were in. Her positioning and speed took her straight through both prisons, allowing her to seize her friends and pull them out safely. They turned to see how Lovely Capulet's attack had done--

--and saw Lady flex, and the light burst away from her like shattering glass. ”Terribly sorry, but did you think that would work?” she said coldly. ”I'm not the same as I was before, little girls.” As Pretty Cure watched in disbelief, more dark energy appeared around Lady's body, pulsing in time with her heartbeat. As if in response to this, the droplets of Despair Water began churning.


”Despair runs in my veins now! Despair is all I am, despair and heartbreak! And childrens' light shows can't harm me anymore!” With a loud, mad laugh, Lady crouched slightly and swept her arms out.

The boiling droplets shot towards Pretty Cure all at once.

“Scatter!” Lovely Montague screamed, but no one needed it to be said.

The girls separated quickly, weapons drawn, light energy shooting from their hands. They flew around the area, alternating between trying to outrun the droplets and attacking them. Each attack burst the water apart, but even then they had to watch for the smaller drops in the resulting explosive spray, and even then there were still more drops chasing them down.

“Why?!” Lovely Ariel screamed. “Why are you doing this?! Why did you do this to Tamora, why did you do all of this?!”

Lady smiled sweetly, opened her mouth, and...

”No reason~”

Pretty Cure's blood ran cold.

“What...?” Lovely Capulet gasped.

“I have no reason~” Lady went on, stilling her hands for a moment. She began to rise up, hovering above the city again, still looking like a storm herself. ”Did I need one? I just love to see people miserable and crying. I love to see things brought to ruin...It's just so fun to do it myself.”

“Kokoro was your home!” yelled Lovely Ariel.

”It used to be.” Lady shrugged. ”But I outgrew that place. As I grew older, I just plain didn't like being there anymore, didn't care for that little Princess Meringue and her family...So I left, honed my own powers, made my own tiny little kingdom... It wasn't my fault Riche fell for my sweet lovely lady appearance. It wasn't my fault two children ran away from home and had no one else in their world. I never asked for them to do anything; they all did it themselves.”

Pretty Cure wanted to tell her that it was. That she'd created Break, that she'd been telling them to do this from day one. But it wouldn't work, they all knew that.

“You''re evil!” Lovely Portia cried, torn between outrage and terror.

”Thank you,” said Lady. Then she grinned with her teeth bared, and those close could see her teeth had become sharp and shark-like. ”Now do me a favor and die.”

The water droplets stilled for one instant – and then they all shot forward at once, converging to the center. Pretty Cure weren't fast enough to get away, and found themselves trapped in one huge, giant bubble of pitch-black, boiling water. All of the droplets were gathering in one spot, forming a bubble as big as a small lake. And it just kept getting bigger.

In the center of the water, Pretty Cure screamed in agony as despair and heartbreak seeped into every fiber of their being. Their Cure uniforms glowed and then burst apart into nothing, reducing them to their civilian selves and amplifying the pain tenfold.

Tears streamed down their cheeks as every painful, horrible thought they'd had earlier came back to them, and even more.

They had failed.

They were going to die.

It hurt.

It hurt.

Ariel managed to open her eyes just a crack. In the distance, she could see Lady's hazy, shifting form. They'd lost. Lady would win.


“Mirai, are you sure that was Hiromi?” Mrs Matoko asked, holding her shoulders tightly.

“Yes! Hiromi's out there and she's in big trouble!” Mirai was crying. “I-It's not just her! Aki, Miho, Otome – they're all out there! They're hurt and they're out there and in trouble!” She pulled out of Mrs Matoko's grip and ran to the window. “Hiromi! Hiromiiii!”

“Mirai, stay back!” Mrs Matoko tried to drag her back, but Mirai kept struggling, tears streaming down her face.

“Hiromi! Hiromi! Everyone!” she sobbed.


”The girls are inside the water! I repeat, the girls are inside the water!” The reporter's voice came from radios, televisions, the internet streams... All over town, people were watching the live feed.

Daisuke's eyes widened when the camera tried to focus on those small shapes. They were very barely visible, tiny dark specks inside a sea of dark, but something still registered in his heart.

“Hiromi!” he gasped faintly. “Hiromi!” he yelled, louder, voice tight.

“Satou, what is it?!”

“My daughter! That's my daughter out there!” he cried.


“Let me out!” Nana screamed, struggling against some rescue workers. “Let me out, my cousin's out there, I have to save her!”


Sebastian and Emma wanted to leave, but the rest of the staff needed them. They were the head staff members, they were the ones in charge. If either of them left or showed any sign of panic, the rest of them wold just fall apart. Someone had to keep a cool head.

So neither of them screamed or tore out of the mansion, much as they wanted to. But they did stare out the window, eyes filled with worry, Sebastian's hands in such tight fists that his fingernails dug into the skin. “Aki...” they both whispered.


Queen Meringue strode down the hall leading to the balcony with an air of purpose, Ti safely held in her hands. “They'll be alright, Ti. I swear this,” she said.


The queen stopped at the balcony overlooking the kingdom. Everyone had gathered at the castle, feeling in their hearts that something was deeply wrong. Punch sat on Riche's shoulder as the man rested his hand on Tamora's shoulder. The fairy felt his heart clench – Coffee was in danger. Something was wrong on Earth.

“Listen to me, everyone!” Queen Meringue declared. “You can feel in your hearts that something is wrong in Pretty Cure's world.”

“We have to go there!” Tamora cried.

“It's too dangerous, datchu!” Ti cried. “Th-there's Despair Water everywhere! Everything's getting ruined, datchu, there's lightning and wind and--”

“Lady...” Riche breathed, a look of regret and heartbreak on his own face. “She's doing this...”

“My son is right,” Meringue said.

Cider spoke up next. “We cannot send aid physically, but Pretty Cure need our faith and prayers. Believe in them, everyone! Send your love to Pretty Cure!”

Tamora was the first to close her eyes, hands clenched over her heart. “Pretty Cure saved me...they wanted me to be their friends...” she whispered. “They have to be okay, I love them so much!” Suddenly her heart felt lighter... “Pretty Cure,” she breathed, the tension leaving her face. “Pretty Cure, I love you. You can do it.”

“I love you too,” Riche said, eyes closing.

“Me too,” said Punch. “I love Pretty Cure, I love Coffee...”

All throughout the kingdom, Kokoro citizens focused on the feelings in their hearts. Love, faith, hope, belief, courage... They loved Pretty Cure. They focused on Pretty Cure's image in their minds. They willed their feelings would reach them.

”We love you...”

Ti and his parents were closing their eyes as well, hands over their hearts. “We love you...” they whispered.

Unseen by them all, warm light appeared under their hands, over their hearts.


On Earth, everyone felt their hearts become lighter. Some unknown force telling them what to do.

Daisuke closed his eyes, leaning against the window. “Hiromi...I love you.”


“Aki...” The entire staff at the Oshiro residence held their hands over their hearts. “Aki, we love you.”


The rescue workers, everyone in the shelter, Nana all held their hands in a similar manner. Even Pochi had his eyes closed.

“We love you, Pretty Cure...”



The entire classroom did the same thing, focusing all their love for the girls. Even inside the copter, while neither the reporter or cameraman could free their hands, they focused on the girls and sending their love.

News feeds all around the world showed the girls, and all around the planet, people were compelled to do the same thing the town of Koigokoromachi and the kingdom of Kokoro were doing.


The girls' eyes slowly opened. “Everyone...”

“I feel them...”


”We love you!”


Lady gasped, blinking and lowering her hands slightly. There was a faint light in the middle of her sphere of water. What...what was that?!


”We love you!”




“You all...”


Lady cried out in surprise as the water suddenly burst apart into hundreds of large water droplets. There was a bright, golden light that she had to shade her eyes against. “What--?!” she cried.

“--You too!” Pretty Cure shouted as one.

The light slowly faded to reveal the Cures...once again they were in Lovely Form, but their chokers were three rows of pearls now, tiny hearts between each row. Fluffy, angelic wings protruded from their backs, and all four of them glowed with an almost heavenly light. Slowly, each girl opened her eyes – revealing them to be warm, amber gold now.

”Lady.” Lovely Capulet's voice called out. She sounded calm, but powerful, her voice magically carrying over the entire city though she didn't raise it one decibel. ”Lady, you sought to bring an entire world to despair and destruction.”

”You could have had love, but you yourself chose to disregard it. You saw love as something disgusting and laughable, and you used those who loved you for your own gain,” Lovely Montague added.

Lady snarled wordlessly and flung her arm out again. A ribbon of water surged towards them--

--and Lovely Portia held her hand out to block it. The water burst apart as soon as it touched her palm. ”When one world couldn't be devoid of love, you turned your sights on another. You laughed as you did this to both worlds.”

”We wished to believe there was good in you, as there is in everyone,” finished Lovely Ariel. ”But we see now there is only hatred. So with that...”

The girls hovered in a row, tracing large heart shapes in the air. ”Our hearts entwined! Steadfast Love! Innocent Love! Sincere Love! Pretty Cure...Lovely Entwined Form!”

”You still think you can beat me!?” Lady shrieked, bringing her hands together at the wrists. The water converged around them again. ”I have all the powers of all the heartbreak from both worlds! Love stands no chance against despair!”

”That's not true!” The girls flew forward, effortlessly avoiding the attacks Lady sent out.

”Love overcomes all negative feelings!” Lovely Entwined Capulet cried, running her hand through a stream of water. The water separated like it was butter and Lovely Entwined Capulet's hand was a hot knife.

”It's always there! Even if you think you lost it, there are others who love you and you them! Sometimes you gain so much more love than lost!” Lovely Entwined Portia declared, hovering high with her hands over her heart. She spread her hands out, sending a shower of pale amber sparks that disintegrated the water.

”You never lose love forever. Even when you feel despair, it's always there!” Lovely Entwined Montague said, punching her way through another ribbon of water.

”No matter what happens to you, love is always there. You took Shylock from me, but I still felt love. I still feel his love, too! Shylock's love is always with me and no amount of despair can take that away!” Lovely Entwined Ariel hovered directly in front of Lady. A shimmering aura of gold appeared around her and became a dome, shoving Lady forcibly away.

”You can never defeat us. You can never defeat love!” the quartet declared as one.

Once again they hovered in a row, meeting Lady's murderous glare with their own looks of steely resolve. They held hands and brought their joined hands in front of them. ”Our hearts are all entwined! With overflowing love!” they cried. A huge heart appeared in front of them, glowing gold with an aura that alternated between blue, pink, teal, and bronze. It grew progressively bigger until it was three times as large as the girls together. ”Pretty Cure...!”

Lady shrieked and charged towards them.

Lovely Entwined Pretty Cure stood their ground, tightening their grip on each other, Montague and Capulet in the center. ”Lovely Illumination...”

The heart shot forward, Lovely Entwined Pretty Cure flying right behind it. ”Embraaaaaace!” they screamed.

Lady and the heart met just then, sparks of gold and black spraying out from the impact. For a moment, it was a stalemate, with both sides pressing forward with all their might. Lovely Entwined Pretty Cure grit their teeth, eyes squeezed shut, sweat beading at their temples. Then with a loud cry, they pushed forward once more.

And the glowing heart completely enveloped Lady, growing rapidly until the entire town was bathed in golden light.

Inside the light, Lady was being torn apart into shreds of darkness. She shrieked in pure rage, the light and love tearing apart the despair she held, that was part of her. But she had one more act of defiance. With her last moments of being alive, she reached out with disintegrating hands and seized  Lovely Entwined Capulet's and Montague's joined hands and poured the last of the despair and hatred out.

The girls screamed as the darkness attacked their hearts directly, but didn't let up on the attack.

Finally, Lady gave one more cry. ”Cuuuurse yooouuu!” she shrieked, and then was gone.

The glow of the girls' attack grew bigger, then flashed.

All at once, the dark clouds were cleared away, replaced by bright blue skies; the wind died down to a calm, pleasant breeze; all the Despair Water disintegrated to nothing; and all the damage down to planet reversed itself.


Eyecatch 1: Coffee and Ti hold a giant heart-shaped bubble wand, the breeze sending out a stream of bubbles. Inside four of the bubbles are tiny versions of the girls. In a flash of light, the girls twirl around and transform into Pretty Cure, their bubbles immediately becoming heart-shaped. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.
Eyecatch 2: The four girls hold a large, pink heart-shaped cookie between them; Hiromi taking the left arc, Aki taking the right, Miho and Otome firmly holding either side of the bottom half. They snap the cookie apart and there is a bright pink flash of light. When it fades, the quartet are in their Cure forms, happily eating their cookie pieces. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.


The light spread all the way to Kokoro, much to the citizens' surprise and relief. As it was doing on earth, the light in the sky sent golden sparkles drifting onto the people and environment. Healing everything. Tamora blinked and gasped, and the color returned to her face. Slowly, she let go of Riche's arm, took a step...and then twirled around, laughing. “I – I'm well again! I feel perfect! Riche!”

“Tamora!” Riche laughed, lifting her into the air.

“They did it!” Punch yelled as the rest of Kokoro cheered.

Queen Meringue smiled down at her subjects, but Ti wasn't as satisfied.

He held his paws over his heart, a worried look on his face. “Mama, Papa, something's wrong,” he whispered.

Cider blinked, then frowned. He looked into the crowd and met the eyes of Riche, Tamora, and Punch, all of whom looked as worried as Ti. “You three. Follow us to the mirror!”


The girls blinked, finding themselves on the street, warm and dry and alive.

Miho was the first to sit up, glancing to her left. Otome was there, sitting up groggily and holding a hand over her head. “Hmmm...”

“We did it...” Miho said simply, eyes going wide.

“We did it...?” Otome repeated. Then she abruptly laughed and tackle-hugged Miho. “We did it!”

The girls held each other, shaking with laughter and crying in relief and joy. “We did it, we did it, we did it!” they chanted.

Finally, it dawned on them that they were the only ones celebrating. Aki and Hiromi must not have gotten up yet. Otome pulled away, laughing, and looked down the street. “Hey, Aki, Hiromi, we--!”

And then she stopped, joy leaving her face.

Aki and Hiromi lay on their backs, hands holding...and too still.

Far too still.

“Hiromi! Aki!” Miho cried out as she ran forward, Otome close behind her.

Slowly, doors began opening and civilians began to step outside, blinking in the sunlight. They all soon saw the girls, and in mere moments a crowd was shuffling towards the scene, staying a respectable distance away. As Miho and Otome knelt over their friends, a low murmur broke out among the people. Where those girls okay? They were the ones who saved them, right? What had happened? Should someone call a hospital? A few people took out cell phones, either to call for help or to record the scene.

Miho and Otome were ignorant of all of this, dropping to their knees by their friends, reaching out with trembling hands to take their shoulders. They...there were okay, right? They had to be.

“Hiromi...Hey, Hiromi! We won!” Miho said, forcing a smile as she gently shook Hiromi's shoulders. “We won, everything's okay!”

Hiromi was quiet and still.

“Aki, everything's back to normal now. Everyone's safe, Lady's gone, the flood's gone too! See?” Otome glanced away as if to make sure there was really no more Despair Water, then looked back down at Aki. Her smile faded when she saw Aki's face: eyes still closed, mouth closed, a peaceful expression on her face.

It was the same with Hiromi. They both looked like they were in a deep sleep. And neither of them showed any sign of waking.

“...Hiromi?” Miho whispered, leaning closer to her, her nervous smile turning to a look of dread. “Hey, Hiromi!”

“Aki, it's time to wake up!” Otome cried, desperation ringing in her voice. ”Aki! guys can't do this,” she mumbled, voice breaking. Slowly, she set Aki back on the ground, her shoulders starting to tremble, tears in her eyes. “You can't do this...”

“It's not fair,” Miho added, the last word punctuated by a sob. “It's n-not fair...Why are we the only ones – why do you two have to--?”

“Pretty Cure, datchu!” a familiar voice cried out.

Several people gasped and lifted their feet as Ti darted out of the crowd. Then more civilians began clearing a path as more people approached.

“Pardon us! Excuse us! We are here on royal business, excuse us!”

Ti ran to the girls as his parents, Riche and Tamora behind them, reached the front of the crowd and stopped, watching in dismay. “Otome, datchu! Miho, datchu! Are Aki and Hiromi okay?!”

“Ti...” Otome whispered, a tear making its way down her cheek. “Ti, sweetheart...”

Ti stared at her, then at Hiromi and Aki. “'s not true, what you're about to say, datchu,” he said quietly.

“Ti--” Miho began.

“It's not true! It's not true at all, datchu!” Ti's voice could be heard above everything, by all gathered. “Pretty Cure are invincible! Pretty Cure...Pretty Cure's supposed to all be fine, not just some of you, datchu!” When the other two girls said nothing, just tried to hold back their own crying, Ti's face crumpled, his own eyes growing shiny. “It can't be true, datchu...”

Coffee appeared behind him, reaching out a paw to touch his shoulder. “Ti--”

“Pretty Cure, get up! You have to get up, Pretty Cure!” Ti yelled, running to Aki and shaking her hand. It still felt warm. ”You're supposed to get up! You saved Kokoro, you saved everyone, you saved Earth...”

As he spoke, various people, even complete strangers, found themselves in tears. Though some were weeping openly, others were hiding their sobs behind their hands, and still more were choking back their tears, everyone was affected by the scene. Not everyone knew these girls but...They'd given their lives for them, for the entire planet. And to see their friends like this, either accepting or in denial, was just...

Daisuke, Emma, Sebastian, and Nana were all shoving their way through the crowd as well. “Everyone move!” Daisuke cried. “Move, please, that's my youngest daughter over there!”

“Lady Aki...!” Emma gasped out a sob, Sebastian echoing her. “Otome!”

“Miho!” Nana yelled. “Miho, honey--!”

”Aki! Hiromi!” Ti wailed again, tears freely coursing down his cheeks. ”You have to get up, please! You can't die, look how...

”Look how many of us love you! This isn't fair, you can't do this, datchu!”
Ti collapsed against Aki's hand, sobbing quietly.

No one moved after that. Otome and Miho stayed where they were, not bothering to hide their own tears. Coffee turned away, paws over her mouth. Pretty Cure's families were like statues at the front of the crowd, eyes wide in expressions of horror and disbelief. Tamora let out a tiny sob and turned her face against Riche's shirt, her hands gripping the fabric as he closed his eyes and turned away, biting his lip. The king and queen of Kokoro covered their faces, shoulders trembling with faint sobs.

It just wasn't fair...

“We love you, Aki, Hiromi...” Ti whispered again, in a choked voice.

“We all...” Miho began.

“Love you...” finished Otome.

No one said anything after that. What was there to say? Nobody moved to get closer just yet, though Daisuke fell to his hands and knees with his head bowed; everyone softly crying. It wasn't just the crowd gathered, either. In the school, Eguchi stared at her phone, watching the on-scene reporter break the news in a hushed, trembling tone  as the camera focused solely on her, near the back of the crowd. Out of respect, they wouldn't film the grieving Pretty Cure and fairies. Mirai let herself be hugged by Antoinette and Yuki, Mrs Matoko sank into her chair numbly, in a corner of the room Emi covered her mouth and shook her head.

Around the world, for just a second, everyone's hearts beat at the exact same time, in the exact same rhythm.

The Cure Signets on Hiromi and Aki's fingers began glowing with a warm, golden light. This light eventually caught Ti's attention, and he lifted his face away from Aki's hand to stare at it in confusion. One by one, Coffee, Miho, and Otome all looked to the rings too, bewilderment on their tear-stained faces.

The light grew brighter and intensified until it caught the attention of everyone else gathered at the scene. They all watched, silent, as the glow slowly moved to envelop Aki and Hiromi's bodies, obscuring their features. And then it slowly began to dissolve away, floating into the air in golden sparkles, starting from the outside of their bodies and working towards the center.

The last of the light to vanish was the light over their hearts. And then there was nothing.

Ti broke the silence first. “Aki...Hiromi...?” he whispered.


The atmosphere changed instantly, people gasping, leaning forward, staring...

And Aki's eyes slowly opened. She blinked once, dazed, and then shifted a bit to smile at Ti, her hand lifting to pet him. “Hey there, Ti...” she mumbled.

“Aki, datchu...” Ti gasped.

Beside her, Hiromi opened her eyes as well, mumbling something incoherent and lifting her hand to shield her eyes. “Hmmm, it's so bright...”


Hiromi smiled then, turning her head towards Miho. “Sorry we made you worry...” she whispered.

“Aki...” Miho and Otome both squeaked out, eyes filling up with tears all over again. “Hiromi...!”

The two girls and two fairies lunged at their friends, taking them into a group bear hug. They were quickly joined by Daisuke, then Emma and Sebastian, Nana, and the citizens of both Kokoro and Shitsuren. And then the crowd began cheering and laughing.

“Welcome back, girls! Welcome back!”


Three weeks later, things had mostly quieted down.

“I told you, you can't go here!”


Mrs Matoko stood in front of the mirror on the stairway, hands on her hips and a stern look on her face. At the top of the stairs stood several students, all apparently having the same idea. “I don't know what rumors you've heard, but the mirror's gone!”

“It's right there!” someone protested, hands balling into fists.

“This is a new mirror,” groaned the teacher. “We gave the old mirror to someone else. Now get moving! Honestly, coming an hour early just to see a mirror...” Mrs Matoko grumbled as the kids slunk away in disappointment. She sighed, then looked at her reflection with a wry smile. “I think we'll have to assign guards for a while.”


At the Oshiro residence, Aki was putting in her hairclips and standing at the mirror over her bureau. One might wonder why she wasn't using the huge full-length mirror behind her, but the reason became obvious when it started glowing. Aki smiled and turned around in time to see Ti and Coffee leap out.

“Aki, datchu!”

“Hey, friend!” Aki laughed, catching the younger fairy in her hands. “Hi, Coffee! Oh, hey, Otome!” she added, looking up as the other girl stepped out of the mirror.

Yes, Otome and the fairies had to return to Kokoro...But, with both worlds safe, and the mirrors still intact, they could come back to Earth whenever they pleased. And, judging by the extra school uniform and bag against the wall, was half the time.

“Is it really okay to skip school for the day?” Otome asked.

“Oh it's fine. It's Saturday, today is just extra classes – we don't have to go,” Aki reassured her. “How's it been in Kokoro?” she asked as they left her room and headed for the stairs.

“Oh, it's been wonderful!” Otome took a moment to wave at Sebastian and Emma. “Kokoro's gotten a new fledgling Cure, and they've been wanting me to show her the ropes!”


In Kokoro, the king and queen stood before a teenage girl, holding out a red Cure Signet. “Your heart holds so much love. Never stop loving others.”

“Yes!” said the girl, a 15-year-old with short, pink hair. Smiling, she took the ring and slipped it on, and suddenly transformed into a red and orange Cure.

“We present to you all, Cure Rosalind!”


“Someday I'll bring her with me to meet you! She's been really excited.”

“I'm sure we'd love her! What about Riche and Tamora?”



Tamora, now clad in a violet dress, still holding her teddy bear, sat in a chair with a huge smile on her face. A few other girls in elegant clothes sat with her, talking and laughing.

“Ah, Tamora!” said one. “Would you like more rose tea?”

“Yes, please!”

From a distance, Riche sat with a book in front of him, but he didn't read it. Instead he kept peering over it, watching Tamora and her new friends.

“Riche made it, didn't he?” asked one of the other girls.

“Yup! His tea's the best there is!”


Hiromi stood in front of Miho's house, hands cupped around her mouth like a megaphone. “Mi-ho! Hurry, we'll both be late!”

“I'm coming, I'm coming!” Miho ran past Nana, who sat inking at the table. The ink bottle wobbled a bit, but Nana grabbed it without looking and set it right.

“Don't be gone too long,” she called over her shoulder.

Pochi barked in agreement.

“I wooon't...” Miho laughed as she slipped on her shoes. Then a moment later, she was out the door and approaching Hiromi.

“We're going to miss the previews, Miho!”

“No, no, your watch is ten minutes fast, Hiromi, we'll be fine!”


Inside the Sugar Bowl, Yuki collapsed into a booth, loosening his apron. “Break time,” he sighed. “We're busy today...”

“Well, I see why,” Antoinette said with a light smirk, examining her cupcake. “These Pretty Cure-cakes are getting popular. Even if they don't look like the girls themselves.”

“Well, it'd be weird to eat your friend's face,” Yuki muttered.

The cupcakes came in either pink, blue, aqua, or light brown, and had the appearance of being made of lace and heart-shaped jewels. And apparently people were buying them by the dozen.

“Hmmmm~” Mirai smiled, eyes closing.

“Hm? You getting a premonition, Mirai?”

“I foresee a happy reunion,” Mirai said, opening her eyes again and biting into her pink cupcake.


Aki and Otome ran past a purikura booth, heading to the entertainment district. After they passed by, the curtain parted a bit, and Nanase peered out, watching them go. With a dramatic sigh, she let the curtain fall and sat back in her seat.

“Are you still crushing on Oshiro?” Eguchi asked with a frown. “You know she's got a girlfriend.”

“The heart wants what it wants, Eguchi! It'll be a while before I find someone else...Maybe someone better than Oshiro! But until then--”

“Until then, maybe I should introduce you to some girls at my cousin's school,” Eguchi muttered, pressing a few buttons on the panel before her. “Now smile!”


“Miss Watanabe! Miss Watanabe, over here!”

“Is it true that you know Pretty Cure personally?!”

“Are you secretly a Cure yourself?!”

“Emi is taking no further questions!” yelled Yoshi, guiding Emi by the arm into their limosuine.

“Miss Kita! You're the girlfriend, can you verify the rumors that Miss Watanabe is a magical princess?”

“I'm just playing one in my new movie!” Emi said, blushing and laughing awkwardly. As the paparazzi began yelling excitedly all over again, Emi seized Yoshi's hand and the two of them threw themselves into the car. “No further questions!” Emi yelled before the door closed and the driver took off.

Yoshi sighed, adjusting her glasses. “Did you have to tell them that, Emi-chi?”

“Oh course I did!” Emi laughed, tossing her hair over her shoulder. It was a little past her shoulders now, growing nicely. Soon it would be as long as she'd always hoped it'd be. “It's a little fun to tease them like that, I've found.”

Yoshi sighed, but still smiled.

At the same time, they both looked down at the script sitting on Emi's lap. On the front cover was a picture of a girl with long, blonde hair and wearing a white and pink ballgown. In her hand she held a scepter with a heart-shaped jewel on top. In the foreground were three smaller figures, all in color-coded dresses and tiny tiaras, wielding wands. The movie title, “Love of Stars” was bottom and center.

“I hope my friends like it,” said Emi. “They're getting premiere tickets!”


Aki waved her arm over her head as her small group approached Hiromi and Miho. The other two girls waved back, and soon both parties met. Hiromi threw herself at Aki, who caught her and swung her around a bit before they all began to walk off towards the theater.


ED: "Rainbow-Colored Future" – BoA ft. Entwined Hearts 4


“I still can't believe how normal everything looks,” Miho said, glancing around. “It's strange...”

“All the damage was undone when we defeated Lady,” Otome said. “I checked back in Kokoro too, the same thing happened there! Even all the dead flowers came back!”

“The power of love is strong indeed...” Hiromi said with a soft smile.

“Awwwww!” Aki laughed, making her girlfriend turn bright red.

“I think that's part of what helped Tamora heal as much as she has too!” said Coffee.

“Everything's okay, datchu!”

Everyone laughed, but certainly didn't disagree. They continued on in silence for a moment, then Otome stopped. “Eh?”

The others stopped too, turning to look at her. “Hm? What's up, Otome?” asked Miho.

Otome stared at something ahead, eyes narrowed slightly. “It must be my imagination...but that...” she began.

Up ahead, someone suddenly tensed up, as if sensing eyes on them. They turned around...

Otome blinked once, expression going neutral. Then her eyes grew shiny, a shaky smile appearing on her face. “No way!” She pulled away from the group, and the others let her run, just watching with smiles on their own faces.

The other person, a young man with shoulder-length, dark hair and green eyes, slowly smiled, raising a hand in greeting. Then as Otome drew nearer, he held his arms out.

Otome leaped into them without a second thought, laughing and crying at the same time. Tears that weren't her own hit her neck, another voice laughing as the two spun around. ”Shylock!”


Airi: “It's nice to meet you all! My name is Airi Honda, and a new PreCure is starting, about me and my friends Fuuka Mori and Kiko Kobayashi!”
Fuuka: “We'll definitely cure all your ills and ease your hearts!”
Kiko: “Our friendship will never be beaten! We hope to see you all really soon!
All: “Next time on Cure Cure! PreCure!: 'A Wonderful Feeling! I Am Pretty Cure!'”
Airi: “Everyone, be well!”
Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts ep31
Cure Rosalind is the property of MrAntonio!

Wow, it's over. Thank you for all the support, and of course, love.

OP: "Pretty Cure, Hands Meet" - SHE


TODAY'S EPISODE: Desperate Final Battle! Hearts of Love Can't Be Weak!


”You played right into my hands with that stunt of yours! Because of your actions, your world will drown in despair! Thank you for everything, legendary warriors, Pretty Cure!”

“That's a lie...that's a dirty lie!” Portia screamed.

”It isn't~! Think of it, my dears – you were the ones who destroyed my glorious machines. You destroyed the lab – you drained the river – but did you think of where all that despair would go?” Lady grinned. ”All that despair, rushing out at once...where else would it go but Earth?”

“What are you even talking about?!” said Portia.

“Ah, right, I suppose none of you know...” Lady said, sighing in mock-distress. “Very well, I shall explain.

“Haven't you wondered why it was so easy to pass from your world to Kokoro, and vice-versa? Why the young prince was sent here of all places, rather than some other world?” She smiled, leaning forward with her elbows bent and chin tented between her hands, like she was leaning on a table. ”Your world and theirs are connected. And my world? Just another, tiny piece of it that no one wanted to look after until I came along. So in a way...” Her smile looked pleasant and sweet, unfitting for the situation or her words. “In a way, your world and mine are connected as well~! So, once Kokoro was to be entirely flooded, all that despair would inevitably find its way to your world as well! Do you understand?”

Capulet blinked, slowly comprehending what Lady was about to point out. “So if we're connected...And we destroyed the falls--”

”That's right~ All that despair rushing out at once, all of that despair suddenly leaving Kokoro – where else would it go but here?~” Her smile widened even further, stretching thinly. “You didn't think all that water would just evaporate, did you? After Kokoro was to be flooded, the force of all the water would push its way to Earth...And you all, forcing it to gush out all at once? You just sped up the process.”

The girls stared straight ahead without really seeing. The thunder, wind, and the sound of waves crashing against any structures and obstacles in their way seemed to fade to a dull roar in their ears. That...That just couldn't be...

Lady's earlier words suddenly came back to them: ”You don't know what you're doing.” How she didn't sound panicked at all about the fact. How there was no fear, no anger, no anxiousness. Just a simple statement.

They didn't know what they were doing.

“We...cause this...?” Montague finally spoke, her voice flat and listless as she stared blankly at Lady.

“And I truly thank you, from the bottom of my heart,” Lady said with a curtsy. “And I do wish I could stay, but I’m afraid I have a show to watch.” She straightened again, a dark shadow over her eyes. “I couldn’t see one world drown in sorrow, but I can at least see this one.”

The waves began churning harder, frothing and crashing around them. Lady held up one hand to the sky, and one of the waves seemed to obey her, surging upwards over the building Pretty Cure stood on. ”Let me offer you a front-row seat, as my thanks.”

Pretty Cure, still numb with horror at their sudden realization, could do nothing but stand there as the wave crashed down on them.

When the water finally pulled away from the building, they were no longer there.


Coffee and Ti suddenly tensed up, gasping faintly as their hearts skipped a beat or two. Coffee hugged the prince tightly and looked out the window again, fear gnawing at her heart. Pretty Cure...

Lightning flashed, quickly followed by a roar of thunder that shook the entire school.

That was it.

Coffee grit her teeth, and the next second she was racing across the floor, Ti in her arms. Nobody noticed her leave, too busy focusing on the weather outside and on Eguchi's phone. ”Citizens in the lower parts of Koigokoromachi are being quickly evacuated and moved to higher ground, where multiple businesses are. We've received word that the office buildings and hospitals should be able to serve as emergency shelters until rescue teams can move everyone to another, secure location, however there is no word on where such a location may be just yet.”

“How can a storm be this big?” Eguchi whimpered.

Nanase hugged her tightly, briefly glancing over at the still-shivering Mirai.


“Coffee! Coffee, where are we going, datchu?” Ti cried, jostled in Coffee's tiny arms.

”We aren't going anywhere,” she said flatly.

Ti blinked. “What--”

Coffee skidded to a front of the mirror on the stairs. “I'm sorry, Your Highness! But you have to go!” she cried, pulling her arms back.

Ti suddenly realized what she was about to do. “Coffee, datchu! Coffee, wait – you'll be alone here, datchu, you'll--!”

“Tell your parents what's happened and tell Punch I'm very sorry! I loved looking after you, and I love you very much, Ti!” Coffee spoke quickly...and then flung Ti at the mirror.

”Coffeeee!” Ti's shrieking voice slowly faded as the mirror spirited him off.

Coffee felt her heart grow heavier than it already was, but there was just no time. Ti would be safer in Kokoro, they would have received word if Kokoro were in any danger and they hadn't. He would be fine, if anything happened to her, at least he'd be safe...

She sped down the stairs, her body slowly glowing bright gold...

...and then as her body slowly morphed and grew, shifting and elongating, she threw open a window and leaped out. The light faded away to reveal a young woman with short, lilac hair and red eyes, wearing a simple white tunic over pale purple leggings and white boots. With a grunt, she landed on a nearby tree branch, took one second to shake some more feeling into her human limbs, and leaped again, heading into the town.

”Pretty Cure!” Coffee screamed above the noise. “Pretty Cure - please answer me!” She'd only been outside searching for about two minutes, but it felt like much longer and every extra second was like torture. Her face was soaked, her hair plastered to her skin and she wasn't sure how much of the water was rain and how much was her own tears. She took another running start and leaped to another rooftop, briefly thanking her lucky stars that Kokoro citizens were more...gifted, than the average human. Her shoes slipped for a moment but she quickly regained footing and kept running. ”Pretty Cure!” she screamed again.

No. No no no, they had to still be around. They were – they were Pretty Cure, legendary warriors! They couldn't be gone so quickly-- She'd just been talking to Hiromi this morning, they'd gotten Cure Ariel back months ago!

She remembered Aki's breakfasts and unusual amount of cheer in the mornings, how she'd slip some of her amazing-tasting food to her and Ti.

She remembered Hiromi's carefulness with them, her kind eyes and gentle smile, how she slept with the fairies on her pillow next to her head.

She remembered Miho's laughter, how everything made her smile and how determined she was, how she would sketch her friends as models.

She remembered Otome. Just...Otome. Her bravery, her kindness, her smiles. She remembered how she and all the rest of Kokoro had believed her to be fierce and untouchable, but then how she'd wept in the middle of the night after Shylock's death, when she thought none of them could hear. And how she'd realized Otome was just a girl, a child like the others, and she wasn't immune to despair.

None of them were.

Oh, God, she hoped they were alright.

”Pretty Cure!” she screamed skyward, tilting her head back and cupping her hands around her mouth.

“Must you shout like that? Shouting is terribly undignified, you know.”

Coffee gasped and whirled around to see Lady standing behind her, a purple parasol above her head. Lady smiled serenely, a stark contrast to their surroundings.

“If you're so desperate to find Pretty Cure, you may check the Despair Water,” she continued, heedless of the stunned stare Coffee was giving her. “But you'd have to check below the surface...I doubt even a legendary Pretty Cure can resist such concentrated despair at once. After all...” Her smile widened slightly. “They certainly couldn't in their normal forms, back at Montague's home.”

“You...what did you do to them?!” Coffee cried, taking an involuntary step forward.

Lady just flickered her gaze to the rising water around them.

Coffee blinked, cold realization dawning on her. “, they can't be down there! They're stronger than--”

Lady smiled and tilted her head. “Really, it was almost disappointingly easy. As it turns out, anyone can succumb to despair...especially when they learn that this is all their own fault. I'm surprised you would still stand by them, after what happened.”

“It wasn't their fault! None of this is!” Coffee shouted back. Now she was sure that most of the water on her face were her own tears. ”Pretty Cure!” she shouted again, eyes squeezing shut, hands curled into fists. ”Pretty Cure, if you can hear me, please, please get up! Get out, get up, fight back! Fight!...Pretty Cuuuuure!”


Among a thick, heavy nothing in their ears, they heard.

Pretty Cure floated beneath the blackness of the water, eyes closed in what would have been peaceful expressions were it not for the steady droplets of tears that leaked out and floated among the water. They were crying; their tears were the sole pure, clean drops of water among the dark and cold.

And everything...didn't quite hurt, but it wasn't pleasant or painless either. It was something being numb and having needles poking at oneself, from all over. One knows there is pain, but they can't quite feel it, because there's nothing to feel with.
The only thing they felt was in their hearts: despair. Regret. Anguish. Horror. Heartbreak.

They had caused this. They had done this to Earth. Lady had told them. They were the ones who would drown the world in despair.

This knowledge seemed to push at them from all sides, until it seemed to physically force them further down into the water.

It was their fault.

They doomed everyone.

Everyone would suffer, everyone would despair.


...would not exist anymore.


Eyecatch 1: Coffee and Ti hold a giant heart-shaped bubble wand, the breeze sending out a stream of bubbles. Inside four of the bubbles are tiny versions of the girls. In a flash of light, the girls twirl around and transform into Pretty Cure, their bubbles immediately becoming heart-shaped. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.
Eyecatch 2: The four girls hold a large, pink heart-shaped cookie between them; Hiromi taking the left arc, Aki taking the right, Miho and Otome firmly holding either side of the bottom half. They snap the cookie apart and there is a bright pink flash of light. When it fades, the quartet are in their Cure forms, happily eating their cookie pieces. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.


A cutesy pop song began playing inside Hiromi's bag. Everyone jumped at the sudden, new sound, but Antoinette recovered first. Glancing meaningfully at Yuki, she scrambled towards Hiromi's bag and pulled out her friend's cell phone. “Hello?”

”Hello? Who's this?” a male voice asked.

Antoinette's eyes widened. “Are you Hiromi's dad?”

“Yes, yes I am – where is Hiromi?! Why isn't she the one answering her phone?!”

Antoinette looked around the classroom, as if hoping she'd see Hiromi just...miraculously reappear again. Of course, she didn't. The blonde drew in a deep breath through the nose, and forced a calm tone. “She's helping someone out right now – we're fine, Hiromi's fine...She's fine,” she repeated, her voice stronger on the last two words.

Across town and on higher ground, Daisuke stood near a window, his own cell phone to his ear. His hand touched the glass as he stared out, vaguely hearing his coworkers speaking to their loved ones as well. “'re her friend, aren't you, miss?” he said at last, in a choked voice. “You would know if Hiromi was hurt.”

Antoinette nodded. “Yeah...I'd know...” One of her hands came up to rest on her shirt, bunching up the fabric over her heart. She briefly glanced at Yuki and Mirai, the latter of whom was slowly relaxing and raising her head, blinking in surprise.

”I love Hiromi. We all do.”


Something resonated in Capulet's heart, pushing away the despair.


At the Oshiro mansion, Sebastian and Emma led the rest of the serving staff upstairs. “Head to the attic; we'll be alright there until help arrives for us!” Sebastian said.

“Sebastian, I haven't heard back from Aki!” Emma whispered to him, hands held over her heart. “I've been calling and calling but--”

“I'm sure she's alright.”

“But--!” Emma stopped herself when she saw the slight shine in Sebastian's eyes.

He waited until the last of the staff reached the attic, then turned and smiled hollowly at Emma. “I'm sure she's alright...Aki is much stronger than we used to think she was. I can feel it – I have for a while now.”

“You really think...?” Emma said, looking away.

“Just believe in her, Emma...We love her, so we'll believe in her.”


Montague felt her heart soar, despair fading away.


Pochi barked loudly at the water as a helicopter took him and Nana towards the hillier part of town.

Nana put a hand on the scruff of his neck to calm him, and kept speaking to the rescue worker. “Have you seen my cousin?! Her name is Sakura Miho, she has bright red hair and she wears it in two hair buns--”

The worker shook his head. “We haven't seen someone like that, miss. I'm sorry.”

“I-I see...”

“But don't worry. This is a large town, and people are helping one another. We'll find her – I'm sure your cousin's fine.” He looked at her again, gently. “You and your dog are worried,” he said; a statement of fact.

Nana nodded. “Y-Yeah...We both love her so much.”


Portia felt something rise in her heart, heard her own heartbeat in her ears.


Ariel floated in cool, stinging darkness. Despite being underwater – Despair Water – she didn't feel like she was drowning. She didn't feel like she was in water. This stuff felt like water, moved like water, had the weight of water...but it also felt like darkness itself. Like liquid darkness.

She knew she should move, should swim up, fight back but...But was the point in doing anything? This was her fault. She only brought suffering to everyone. She should never have accepted the Cure Signet to begin with, she should never have met the others, she should have just died or--

Warm hands touched her face.

”That's not true.”

Ariel's heart skipped a beat.

”You and the others have to fight. You can fix this – you're legendary warriors, you can do anything. Pretty Cure are invincible...

“You all have so many people who love you and believe in you...Can't you feel our love?”


Someone's fingers slowly twitched. “P...Pre...”


”Pretty Cure, wake uuuup!” Coffee screamed again, fists held at chest-level, tears and mucus coursing down her face.

And then she cried out as Lady's parasol smacked her in the face.

Coffee slid away, skidding down the roof a bit before staying where she was, sobbing brokenly.

Lady approached her coldly, palm open and aimed at her. Red energy began to gather in the center of her hand as she spoke. “I admit, you and the young prince were amusing at first, as was your display earlier. But now I'm tired of this.”

The energy shot out--

"Pretty Cure! Love's Song!"

A dazzling white light flashed, momentarily blinding Lady. She gasped quietly and shielded her eyes.

As the light slowly faded, four familiar figures stood in front of a stunned but happy Coffee.

"Abundant innocent love, Lovely Cure Capulet!”
"Abundant sincere love, Lovely Cure Montague!" 
"Abundant steadfast love, Lovely Cure Portia!" 
"Abundant steadfast love, Lovely Cure Ariel!"

“You're not despairing...” Lady murmured, blinking in both surprise and attempt to clear her vision. “But how--”

“It's like someone very dear to me once said,” said Lovely Ariel. ”Pretty Cure are invincible!”

With that said, the four girls charged forward as one, crying out.

Lovely Capulet skidded to a halt in front of Lady, swinging her fist at the same time. The woman blocked with her parasol, but this left her wide-open for Portia's attack. Lovely Portia jumped in from seemingly nowhere to deliver a powerful straight-kick that send Lady skidding down the side of the roof.

After that, Lovely Ariel ran downwards, crying out in rage as she summoned her bow and arrows. ”This one's for Shylock!” she roared, firing off several glowing arrows at once.

Lady swiftly tried to defend herself, raising an arm and bringing up a shield of darkness. Most of the arrows burst apart into light upon contact, but they weakened it enough to let three arrows through. Lady cried out again as the light arrows exploded against her, forcing her further back.

Lovely Montague finished the job, charging past Lovely Ariel and leaping into the air. ”Pretty Cure are invincible!” she echoed Ariel's words. ”And we'll always win against despair!” With those words, she drove another kick into Lady's side, making the woman cry out in alarm...

...and she fell into the water.

Lovely Montague landed on the roof with a look of mild horror. She hadn't meant for that to--! “We have to get her!” she began, reaching out a hand--


Inside the school, Mirai's pupils dilated suddenly and she snapped her head towards the windows. “Close the blinds and get down!” she shrieked.


--and suddenly, the water seemed to explode and lift off the ground, spraying huge drops of darkness everywhere. Pretty Cure, in their powered-up Lovely Forms, were unaffected as the water evaporated before it could touch them. Coffee, however, covered her head, crying out when the drops hit her, bursting apart in huge splashes, and began burning her.

“Coffee! What's wrong?!” cried Lovely Capulet.

“Th-the water – s-something's changed--!” she screamed before reverting to her fairy form, barely conscious and openly weeping.

Lady hovered high above the scene, drenched from head to toe, parasol abandoned. “Pretty Cure are invincible?” she intoned flatly.

The wind began blowing fiercer than ever,, nearly at tornado-levels; lighting flashed across the sky every few seconds while more of it danced across the water's surface. It was only when Lovely Portia saw that same lightning in Lady's cupped hands that she realized what the Shitsuren queen was going to do. ”No!” she shrieked, face paling. ”No, stop!”

It was too late. Lady brought her hands to her mouth, tilted her head back, and drank the Despair Water.

Immediately, she curled inward, hissing sharply as lightning danced across her skin, gold and black crackling together. A black aura appeared around her, the same aura covering the water's surface as well.

The flood was gone from the ground, but now huge spheres of water flew furiously around the air, striking and bursting apart at anything in its way. The skies became even darker, the wind sounded like the low, loud roar of a furious beast. Capulet grabbed Coffee and held her in her arms; all four of the girls had to dig their heels into the roof and force all their weight down to keep from being blown off.

Lady straightened, opening her eyes as her hair and clothes moved in the violent storm, with only her face calm.

She grinned cruelly, staring them down with new eyes: the same irises as before, but with pitch-black sclerae and red pupil.

”Pretty Cure are invincible? Let's see you try this...”


ED: "Rainbow-Colored Future" – BoA ft. Entwined Hearts 4


Hiromi: “My friends...”
Aki: “My family...”
Miho: “Everyone...”
Otome: “We love you. We love you all.”
All: "Next time on Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts: 'All Our Hearts Are Entwined.' Let love heal your heart!”
As the morning went on to a more reasonable hour, the dark clouds still didn't part. But hardly anyone really minded. Sometimes it was nice to have a rainy morning; there was something calming about it, in a way. Soothing, comfortable. Sometimes it was just nice, having a warm light in the house while you got ready for the day, standing with the family in the entryway while you got your shoes and coats.

And the Satou family was doing just that, Emi handing out umbrellas to her sisters and father.

“It's pouring out there,” she said, smiling as she passed Daisuke his plain black umbrella. “So make sure to hold it directly above your head.” Emi demonstrated by holding her fist at chest-level, as if holding an umbrella straight up. “You too, Hiromi – if your teacher wants to have gym outdoors--”

“Emiii, the teachers won't do that,” Hiromi said with a laugh. “We'll probably have a game of volleyball in the gym building.”

“Or it lets up,” Kiyomi muttered, slipping on her jacket.

“I dunno about that...” Emi frowned and bit on her thumbnail. “It's been like this since six o'clock. The clouds haven't even begun to break yet...”

Harumi laughed and patted her look-alike on the shoulder. “Hey, it's bad weather. All bad weather clears up eventually.” She glanced at her watch. “Well, we better get going. Emi, try not to worry so much, 'kay?”

Emi sighed as everyone stepped outside, umbrellas popping up. “If everyone says so.”


OP: "Pretty Cure, Hands Meet" - SHE


Nana stood in the backyard, umbrella over her head as she tried to coax Pochi outside. “C'mon, don't you have to go?”

Pochi growled, backing away from the open doorway.

Nana sighed and made her way back inside. “Well, alright. We'll try again later.” She made her way inside, closing up the umbrella as she did so. Pochi walked backwards into the house, staring at her with wide eyes, but Nana just smiled. “It's okay, boy, I'm not mad, I'm just--”

A drop fell from the rafter and struck her shoulder.

“...I'm just a little disappointed.”


TODAY'S EPISODE: It Can't Be True! Flood of Despair!


In the locker rooms, everyone was putting away umbrellas, rain coats, and stepping out of rain boots. One might have thought it a bit excessive, seeing it was just rain, but it had been very nice out for the past few weeks, and it was raining heavily. One could never be too careful.

“Ugh,” griped Antoinette, stomping her boots before she slipped them off. “The weather report said nothing about this. It's a good thing I didn't have any big plans for today.”

“I kinda like it,” said Yuki. “It makes me think of autumn nights, somehow. You know? Mirai, how about you?” No answer. “Er, Mirai?”

Mirai stood at her shoe locker with the door open, staring inside with wide eyes and pale skin. She was muttering something under her breath, hugging herself tightly.

Yuki and Antoinette exchanged glances, then Antoinette put a hand on the pink-haired girl's shoulder. “Mirai?”

Mirai jumped, looking around wildly before her gaze fell on her friends. “Ah- y-yes?”

“Mirai, did you feel something?” asked Yuki in a serious voice.

“Y-yes, but...I – I'm not sure if it's...I-It can't be right...” she muttered at the floor.

“What can't be right?” asked Antoinette.

Mirai didn't answer, instead hugging herself tighter.



Class began quieter than normal; the rainy weather seemed to have calmed everyone down. Hiromi yawned as she set her schoolbag down and reached for her pencil case.

“Here you go, datchu!” Ti said with a smile, holding it in both paws.

“T-Ti--!” Hiromi yelped before covering her mouth. She looked around, but mercifully it seemed no one was paying attention to her. “Ti, what are you doing here all by yourself?” she whispered loudly.

“But I'm not, datchu. Coffee's with me,” he said, blinking.

“Hello!” Coffee said, poking her head out. As Hiromi sputtered to find words, Coffee just smiled and continued. “It seems that Ti wasn't ready to say goodbye to you yet, so he came here with you. And I certainly can't leave him unattended!”

“But what about your parents?” Hiromi whispered.

“I'll go home tonight, datchu!” Ti promised. “I just...” He bowed his head, eyes shining a little. “...If that was the last we'd see each other, I'd miss you too much, datchu. We've been through a lot together, all six of us...We can't just have a dance and that's all! I wanted to spend time with you more before I go, datchu!” he added desperately.

Coffee patted his head, smiling softly. “Me too, really. Can we do something after school, Hiromi?”

“Like...what?” Hiromi blinked.

“Dinner!” Ti yelled again. “And playing with Bitsy! And – and other stuff, datchu!”

Hiromi blinked again, then laughed quietly. “Alright, alright, we'll see what the others say, okay?” she whispered.

“Satou, stop talking to your homework, it's time for class!” Mrs Matoko said suddenly, strolling into the classroom and yawning.

It continued to rain all during class, pelting the windows and making numerous water trails down the glass. At one point Mrs Matoko had to close the blinds because people wouldn't stop watching out the window. “Honestly,” she muttered. “You'd think none of you had seen rain before.” With that, she marched back to the front of the room and lifted her book again. “Alright, where were we? Ah, yes – Ophiuchus gets its name from the Greek word meaning 'serpent-bearer.' Can anyone tell me the full story of--”

She stopped as the lights suddenly dimmed, then flickered, and then with a pop, went out altogether. A few students screamed in shock as the room was suddenly plunged into darkness.

“Alright, everyone, calm down!” Mrs Matoko said, closing the book again. “Ugh, so much for mythology...Nanase, would you run to the custodian and tell him our lights are out?”

“Yes, ma'am.”As Nanase pushed out of her seat and left the room, Hiromi and Aki exchanged glances. This...this didn't feel normal.

Hiromi pulled her schoolbag out and looked into it to see Ti and Coffee. She'd found them earlier but had figured since the mirror was repaired, they could just go back home later. “Guys, are you sure everything is safe in Kokoro?” she whispered.

“It should be, datchu,” said Ti nervously.

“It's fine, I'm sure this is just a little rain--” Coffee began to say, before the classroom door slammed back open and Nanase ran back into the room, out of breath and looking visibly shaken.

“M-Mrs Matoko!” she cried.

“Nanase?!” Mrs Matoko crossed the room and held the girl's shoulders; her student looked ready to pass out. “Nanase, what is it?”

“O-Outside,” Nanase managed to gasp out. “Look o-outside!”

Mrs Matoko went for the windows, but everyone else was faster. With a flurry of noise, the students pulled up the blinds, looked out the window...and a collective gasp rippled through the room.

The school stood atop a huge hill overlooking the town. And even from where they stood, the students could see the town was already flooding. Dark, churning water that even at a distance appeared to have shapes swimming around in it lapped at porches, stoops, front steps. It was already started to cover the bottom step leading from town to the school itself. And it wasn't just town; the campus was flooding too, discarded basketballs floating around before bumping into the building, heavy torrents of water falling from the roof and past the windows like tiny waterfalls. And it had only been two hours since class started.

As everyone had run to the windows, two of Nanase's friends had gently moved her away from the teacher and to a desk so she could collect herself. Now one of them, a girl with pale blonde ringlets, was checking something on her phone. What she saw made her eyes widen. “Mrs Matoko!”

“Yes, Eguchi, what is it?” Mrs Matoko looked away from the window and took her student's phone when she held it up.

The news app was opened, and a video clip was playing. “Repeat, this is breaking news. Reports are coming in from all over Japan that they too are experiencing the same weather. All over the country, heavy rains are causing rapid flooding, with no sign of a break. Residents are advised to seek higher ground – I'm sorry, what?” the woman onscreen looked to the side. Her eyes grew wider and she faced the camera again. “I have just been informed that still more reports are coming in – meteorologists worldwide are reporting the same weather despite prior weather conditions and forecasts. It is unknown exactly how big this storm is, but it's clear that this is the biggest storm in known history.

“Again, residents are advised to seek higher ground and a this is now an official state of emergency--”

“Satou, Oshiro, where are you going?!”

Mrs Matoko snapped her gaze away from the phone when one of the other students cried out. The door to the classroom was wide open, and she could faintly hear rapid footfalls fading away. “Oshiro, Satou!” she cried, running for the door. “Everyone, stay here! You two, stop right there!” She ran out of the room and down the hallway towards where they'd gone; they were fast, she could only faintly hear the sound of their feet hitting the floor. Who knew how far ahead they were. Still, she ran down the hall, her shouts alerting other teachers as their doors slid open. “Oshiro, Satou! Come back – you two have to come back!” She rounded a corner – then double back, forced open a window and leaned out it.

Outside she could see two shapes racing across campus and heading for the stairs downhill. They didn't quite look like her students – they both had much longer, brighter hair – but she just knew it was them, she knew it!

“Oshiro! Satou!” she screamed, hoping vainly to be heard above the pouring rain, thunder and shrieking wind. “Please come back, it's dangerous! Come back!....Hiromi! Aki!”


Eyecatch 1: Coffee and Ti hold a giant heart-shaped bubble wand, the breeze sending out a stream of bubbles. Inside four of the bubbles are tiny versions of the girls. In a flash of light, the girls twirl around and transform into Pretty Cure, their bubbles immediately becoming heart-shaped. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.
Eyecatch 2: The four girls hold a large, pink heart-shaped cookie between them; Hiromi taking the left arc, Aki taking the right, Miho and Otome firmly holding either side of the bottom half. They snap the cookie apart and there is a bright pink flash of light. When it fades, the quartet are in their Cure forms, happily eating their cookie pieces. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.


Inside the classroom, Mirai was hugging herself as she curled into a fetal ball, staring ahead blankly. Antoinette and Yuki knelt on either side of her, rubbing her shoulders and whispering soothing words. Despite their attempts to calm her, they couldn't help remember what she'd said in the locker room. What she'd said she'd sensed.

”Impending doom.”

The other students seemed to find themselves in one of three groups: those talking to Nanase and Eguchi, those trying to comfort Mirai, and those worriedly looking out the window and asking each other what was going on, where was the teacher, were they going to be okay?

A scuffle caught their attention, and the whole class looked back to the door to see Mrs Matoko being led back inside by two more teachers. Not that she was going willingly, however; she was struggling all the while, shouting at them both. “You don't understand!” she cried, managing to hit one teacher's nose with an elbow. “Two of my students are out there – they're outside in this storm, I have to--!”

“Mrs Matoko!” the other teacher cut her off sharply. “We understand what you're feeling, but you have twenty-four other students in this classroom, all of whom need you right now! Do you understand?”

Mrs Matoko seemed to freeze for a second, blinking. The fight seemed to go out of her as her body went limp in her colleague's grip. “Right,” she mumbled. After a moment she straightened up again, inhaling sharply and squaring her shoulders. She turned around to face her other students, a no-nonsense expression on her face. “Alright!” she said suddenly, ignoring the teacher leaving to take care of the blood on his face. “Nanase, Eguchi, the rest of you, don't panic. We're up fairly high, so we should be fine for a while. Those of you with phones, contact your parents and tell them you're okay. If you have to go to the bathroom, bring a buddy. We've got plenty of food in the cafeteria downstairs, your emergency kits are all in the bin in the closet, I know for a fact some of you bring snacks on a regular basis – we'll be fine. Eguchi!”


“Does your phone have a radio app? Okay, good, turn it on and put it on the weather and news channel. The rest of you...Uhm...” Mrs Matoko blinked. “After you contact your parents, just keep calm and quiet, alright? This should be over soon.”

“What if it's not?” Mirai whispered, too quiet for anyone but Yuki and Antoinette to hear. She still hugged herself, pale and shivering and staring ahead of nothingness. “What if it's not, what if it's not, what if it's not...”

“Mirai.” Antoinette placed her hands on the other girl's shoulders. “It's okay...breathe...”

Inside Hiromi's forgotten bag, the two fairies held each other nervously, Coffee staring up out the window in anxiety.


Capulet and Montague ran down the stairs as fast as they could, the pain pounding against them like needles of ice. Montague grit her teeth, eyes briefly squeezing shut. “U-Urgh, I feel--”

Her heart seemed to constrict in her chest, her eyes stung.

“Capulet!” she yelled. “This is--” She suddenly screamed as they reached the floodwaters, her foot briefly submerging before she pulled it back out. In the second she had her foot in the water, she felt...cold. Dark. Empty inside but for one emotion: despair. “This is the Despair Water!” she yelled, shaking the feeling off.

“Capulet! Montague!” two familiar voices cried.

The two girls looked up to see Cures Portia and Ariel standing on the rooftops of nearby houses, waving them over. Capulet and Montague exchanged a look before grabbing hands and jumping up to meet them. They briefly slipped on the slick shingles, but Portia grabbed their arms at the last second, eyes wide as she looked them over. “Are you guys okay?!” she yelled over the rain.

“Yeah. Yeah, we're fine!” Capulet answered in a gasping voice. “What about you?”

“Where are Nana and Pochi?” Montague asked.

“They're fine. I think. I told her to go upstairs with Pochi,” Portia said. “If the water gets higher, I'm sure rescue services will show up in time!” But there was an undertone of fear in her voice.

“Portia, Ariel!” Capulet suddenly said. “This is water from--”

“The River Despair, yes.”

But that wasn't Ariel.

The girls looked up in horror and disbelief.

There, hovering above the city, hair billowing in the fierce wind, was Lady. She smiled down at them first, then a low chuckle escaped her mouth. It slowly built into a laugh; quiet but still chilling. “I'm terribly sorry,” she began in a smooth voice. “But did you really think you'd won?!”


At the Oshiro mansion, Sebastian and Emma stood at one of the large windows, staring out into the rain. The flowers in the garden were already surely drowned, water was seeping under the front door... And the radio was reporting more and more accounts of major flooding in other countries. This...well, there were no other words. This looked bad.

Emma squeezed Sebastian's hand. “Do you suppose Miss Oshiro is alright at school?” she asked.

“The school is on a tall hill. I'm sure she'll be fine.”


“Emi, you have to swear to me you'll be okay!” Kiyomi yelled into the phone. She and her sisters stood around it, set on speaker mode. The rest of the university class was in a similar state, everyone calling home and loved ones. “Has Dad called back? Are you up high enough?!”

Hatsumi rubbed Kiyomi's back as Emi's voice was heard. “I called him earlier – he's fine, his office is pretty high up. And I'm in Hiromi's room right now – I think I'll be okay. What about you guys?”

“We're fine,” Harumi said. “Listen, just please keep up posted. We don't want anyone's battery to die, so we're hanging up – but please keep--”

“I will! I promise – I've got the radio on too.” It was true; they could all faintly hear the weather reporter in the background. “Have you called Hiromi's school?”

“No, we're about to after we talk to you,” Hatsumi answered.


And finally, at the Sakura residence, Nana sat in the window with Pochi at her side. The dog seemed to sense something she couldn't, growling and snapping out the window with his fur standing on end. No matter how she scratched between his ears, he wasn't calming down.

With a sigh, Nana looked down at the floor. What had her cousin even meant by...?

”Nana, listen, I need to go out for a while!”

“Miho, in this--”

“Nana, please, just – I can't explain it, just believe me!”

“Oh, Miho...” Nana whispered, blinking back tears. “What have you gotten into?”

Pochi stopped growling just long enough to whine and nudge Nana's leg.

Nana looked back at him, nodding. “I know, boy...I'm worried for her too...” Another look out the window. “It's funny but...when she ran off, I had the weirdest feeling I wasn't going to see her again. ...Be safe, Miho. Be safe, everyone.


“Lady!” Ariel yelled. “Lady, what--”

“It's quite amazing, isn't it?” Lady crowed, taking a few – steps? - downward on the air itself until she was only just above Pretty Cure's head-level. “You never knew I had a back-up, did you? Underestimated a lovely woman like myself?~ I had plans to flood the Earth as well; I wasn't going to let your destruction of my wonderful river prevent that!”

“You had--!” Capulet began, suddenly feeling weak in the knees.

“From the beginning.” Lady's lips stretched wider into a cruel smile. “And you, Pretty Cure...”

The wind picked up fiercer than ever, sending huge waves throughout the flood. Wind screamed as it tore trees out of their roots and sent them crashing to the ground with mighty splashes; thunder roared like monsters in the pitch-black clouds.

Lady laughed louder, hovering above the destruction like a twisted deity. ”You played right into my hands with that stunt of yours! Because of your actions, your world will drown in despair! Thank you for everything, legendary warriors, Pretty Cure!”


ED: "Rainbow-Colored Future" – BoA ft. Entwined Hearts 4


Hiromi: “We've got to get rid of the water before everyone drowns in despair!”
Aki: “But how are we going to do that?! There's no river to drain, nowhere to go!
Miho: “We have to try! For everyone's sake!”
Otome: "Next time on Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts: 'Desperate Final Battle! Hearts of Love Can't Be Weak!' Let love heal your heart!”
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A chibi commish looks something like this. Really simple, minimal shading. Chibis don't usually have a background, those are transparent. One chibi by itself is $5, any additional chibis are $2 more apiece. So this example would have cost $7.
They will be 300 points for one subject, double for each additional one.
Together Forever by Lady-Moth

:bulletred:"Painting" Style
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Commish - Sunset Hang-Out by Lady-Moth
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These can be with a background or without. Fake screencaps and PreCure finishing poses can fall under these points values! A cel-shaded piece is $10 with a simple background, like the following example. A background-less image is $7.
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And finally, something Pretty Cure fans can request…

Do you have a fanCure? Want to commission their end-of-transformation pose?
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These are only $15/500 points apiece. All you have to do is give me a ref to your fan-Cure, and I'll draw their pose (if you have a particular pose in mind, tell me! If not, I'll wing it); be sure to tell me what series they're a fan-Cure for! If they're stand-alone, let me know if there's a particular "PreCure style" you want me to draw them in.

Oh but maybe you'd like a fake poster for your fanseries?
Starshine Pretty Cure by Lady-Moth
Pretty Cure Saison Scents by Lady-Moth
These are $25 or 800 points. Again, tell me which style, if any, you would prefer!

:bulletred:To reiterate::bulletred:
Chibis: $5/300 points for one person, added $2/double points for each more
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Just send me a Note with what you want/any references, I'll tell you the price and you can pay by PayPal. Once I get the money, I'll get to work and put your picture up!



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