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About Digital Art / Artist Drawer of Girls~Female/United States Groups :iconpuellamagiocs: PuellaMagiOCs
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Together Forever by Lady-Moth
Chibi commissions! For one chibi character, the price is as shown. Extra chibis are double points.
Commission - Hanasaki Cherry by Lady-Moth
Magical Siblings of Love by Lady-Moth
Chibiusa by Lady-Moth
Screencap - Online Pretty Cure BUSTERS by Lady-Moth
A Green Heart Is The Symbol of Friendship by Lady-Moth
A Single Flower Blooming in Winter by Lady-Moth
Cel-Shading, with background or without. This can include fake screencaps and PreCure finisher poses!
Commission - Swimsuit Ren by Lady-Moth
Umi by Lady-Moth
Commission - Animeaddictalexa by Lady-Moth
Bright Black-Eyed Susan by Lady-Moth
Soft-shading works
Commish - Sunset Hang-Out by Lady-Moth
SS: Sugar Wind by Lady-Moth
Gift: Styx by Lady-Moth
Pretty Cure Posters!
Pretty Cure Bukatsudo Energetic poster by Lady-Moth
Our Hearts Are One--Pretty Cure by Lady-Moth
Starshine Pretty Cure by Lady-Moth
Pretty Cure Saison Scents by Lady-Moth
Akihabara Pretty Cure by Lady-Moth
Special for those with Pretty Cure fanseries--you can commission a fake promo poster!


  • Eating: peanut-butter
  • Drinking: coffee
Fuuuuh, I got tagged by :iconkittens4jc:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people. (Nu. I don't like tagging people--namely because when it comes to the tagging I blank out on names, so my friends can only do it if they want to.)

1) Who's better, Mario or Sonic?
Considering I was never a Sonic fan, I'll say Mario.
The guy goes through numerous strange worlds, jumps into paintings, solves pollution, fights giant dragons and squids and demonic jesters bent on universal-erasure...and he's a mother-effin' plumber!

2) Burger Kind or Mcdonalds?
Buuuurger Kiiiing. They have better bacon-cheeseburgers.

3) Ninjas or Pirates?
I think I prefer pirates.

4) Tacos or Burritos?
Burritos. Though I think chimichongas are my favorite.

Eh. 8shrug*

6) Ever heard of a musical called Avenue Q? 83
Sure have. Never got to see it, but my dad did! He loves it. (He wanted to see The Book or Mormon, but didn't have the money. So he watched it online.)

7) Favorite Horror game?
Hmmm...actually, I don't think I've really played a horror game--I tend to read horror manga.
Although I am hoping to play Corpse Party sometime. And now that it's translated, Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni. I used to want to play Saya no uta but I dunno if I could get through it without puking my guts out. :I

8) What's the worst game on the face of the earth?
Uhhh....No clue.

9) Ever heard of a game called Ib?
Yeah, but I've never played it.

10) We're done! You happy?
I guess? ^^;

No taggage, but here are my questions:
1. You get to create your own ice-cream and have it named after you! What's your ice-cream like? (ex: strawberry with caramel ribbon, etc.)
2. Would you rather be a super-hero or a magical girl? (I do think there is a difference, a tad)
3. We've all made a Mary-Sue, haven't we? What was your worst?
4. Favorite time of day in your favorite season?
5. What's your favorite Disney movie, and if there was a stage-version, which do you prefer, the play or the film?
6. When making an OC, what do you do first? Appearance or backstory?
7. What book/comic/game/whatever would you LOVE to be made into a movie?
8. Favorite radio program/show?
9. Be honest. Have you or do you wish to play an H-game?
10. A million bucks, you and your closest friends. What will you all do?


Drawer of Girls~
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Earth
Tools: Pencil/paper, tablet, Sai
Favourite genre of music: Hard to say...have to go with whatever's on my radio station...
Personal Quote: "You know, ears are the one thing that you never really notice..."

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*sniff* I want these...



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