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Miho set a plate of hamburger steak in the fridge, plastic film wrapped over it and adorned with a sticky note. For Nana. Eat up! She stood back and glanced at the clock on the wall. Her small smile faltered a bit. “Welp, time to go...”

She threw on her sweater, stepped into her shoes, and was about to go out the door when something sharply tugged her back. “Eh?” she gasped, looking over her shoulder.

Pochi stood there, a bit of sweater in his mouth, ears and tail lowered. He whined pathetically, staring at her with wide eyes as he tugged on her sweater again, taking a step back into the house.

Miho stood for a moment, staring, before her expression softened. “Pochi...” She turned to face him and crouched down, scratching him between the ears. “Pochi, are you worried for me?”

He whined again.

“You shouldn't!” She smiled brightly, tugging her sweater out of his mouth. “I'm strong, Pochi, all three of us are! You know that!” But then, he also knew what Shitsuren was like, and what their home was like, didn't he? After all, he'd come from that place. Miho shook her head to clear those negative thoughts, and gave Pochi an extra-good scratch. “I'll be home before tomorrow...and then you and I can go on a long walk together, and I'll buy you a steak from the grocery store. 'kay?” Without waiting for an answer, she stood up and opened the door. “Take care of Nana today. Make sure she sees her food.”

Pochi just watched as the door closed again, shutting Miho from his view. He began whimpering pathetically, scratching a little at the door before giving up and curling into a ball.


OP: "Love and Joy PreCure" - Entwined Hearts Duo


“Ah, Miss Sakura, right?”

“Huh?” Miho turned around, blinking in surprise at the familiar figure. “Mrs Hisa!”

The woman stood at a phone pole, stapling up a new flier. “The ink was fading on the old ones,” she explained when she noticed Miho glance at it. “Are you going off somewhere?”

“Ah – yeah...”

“Well, be careful if you're on your own, okay?” Mrs Hisa stapled a second flier above the first. “Noa disappeared when she was by herself.”

Miho looked sheepish, kicking the ground a bit. “Mrs Hisa, I appreciate the concern but--”

“And...and there was the incident at the Culture Fest.”

Miho froze, staring at the woman.

She didn't seem to notice, staring ahead and frowning as if trying to recall something. “There was that giant, dark bear, remember? It''s the oddest thing, but I swear I remember something like it when Noa disappeared.”

Miho gasped faintly. Wait...could that possibly mean--?


Aki and Hiromi stood in front of the mirror as they waited for Miho. Hiromi was idly petting Coffee and Ti, who sat on her shoulders anxiously. “Did you tell your family you'd be late?” she asked Aki.

Aki shook her head. “Nah.”

Hiromi blinked and shot her head back up to look at Aki, her eyes wide. “You didn't?!” she squeaked.

“Did you?”

“Well...well, yeah...but I told them I'd be studying at a friend's. And then I prepared a pot of tea for them.” Hiromi's gaze softened, and she looked back down at her shoes. “My sisters would have appreciated it...and I didn't want to leave for some other, dangerous world without doing something nice for them. You case I didn't come back.”

“Hiromi.” Aki rested a hand on her shoulder, smiling softly. “We're comin' back. That's why I didn't say anything to Emma and Sebastian, or Granny. Why I didn't do anything special for them. Because I'm gonna come back at the end of the day, so why worry?”

“That's right, datchu!”

Hiromi managed a small smile. “I--”

“Aki! Hiromi!”

Miho stood at the bottom of the stairs, grinning up at them. She quickly climbed the stairs, til they all stood in a row before the mirror. “You guys ready?”

Hiromi sighed. “As I'll ever be...”

“You bet!”

Ti and Coffee nodded, cheering “Yeah! (Datchu!)”

“Okay...” All five faced their reflections – Miho reached out to either side of her and grabbed Aki and Hiromi's hands. “Remember what Punch said...Think of water.”

Water...the glass was water...

The girls walked forward, and didn't stop even when their shoes should have kicked the glass. They continued walking...and passed straight into the mirror, leaving only silvery ripples behind.


TODAY'S EPISODE: The Missing Classmate...Our Fourth Member?!


Lightning flashed above Heartbreak Manor. Normally this wasn't a big deal; after all, black lightning flashed and danced above the River Despair every time it was added to.

But this was normal, regular and honestly kinda-boring lightning.

Almost like an omen, maybe.

Tamora sighed heavily, staring out the window with her chin in her hands. She, Lady, and Riche sat in the parlor, the tea party having just finished; Lady putting away the tea set. “Shylock missed tea, again...” she sighed again, slowly kicking her feet behind herself.

“I was informed that he had a plan for Pretty Cure,” Riche said. “He is probably doing that.”

Another loud, heaving sigh. “But tea is important too...And he doesn't spend time with us anymore! It's no faaaaiiir...”

Lady smiled faintly. “Tamora, dear, our mission is of most importance. I don't mind if someone misses the occasional teatime, so long as they're working on exterminating Pretty Cure. Don't you?”

Tamora huffed. “Not really.”

Lightning flashed again, lighting up the darkest corners of the room.


“It's dark in here, datchu!”

“It's okay, Ti. Just stay on my shoulder.”

“Hiromi, is Miho still holding your other hand?”

“I'm right here, and yeah, I am.”

“It looked nothing like this when Ti and I went through the first time...”

The quintet were hurtling forward through a void of shifting black and purple, shadows whirling all around them. It was difficult to see anything, the girls having to squeeze each others' hands to make doubly-sure they were all still there. Whenever they tried to look in any direction, all they could see was just...those two colors. Constantly shifting and churning around each other, darkness buzzing about like a swarm.

“It was bright when we left,” Coffee whispered, hugging Ti tightly on Hiromi's shoulder. “Just as bright as the castle was when--”

“Hey! Up there!” Aki suddenly yelled.

Up ahead, there was a tiny pinprick of light. It was dim, but as they watched, it suddenly flashed brighter, and they could faintly hear a low rumbling.

“Thunder. Lightning,” Miho muttered, eyes narrowed. “Let's go!”


They suddenly sped up, seemingly by their own willpower. The light grew larger, closer...

...until they all burst out of a mirror and into a dark hallway, landing in a painful pile on the floor. Capulet stuck her hand out as Ti and Coffee landed in her palm, keeping them from getting a stray elbow or knee to the...everything.

“Owwww ow ow!”

“My knee!”

“Portia, you're on my hair!”

“Quiet!” Coffee whispered.

Pretty Cure tensed up, holding their breaths as they listened for something – anything at all. Coffee held Ti against her side, one paw over her own mouth, ears twitching as she waited. Seconds ticked by, nothing happening. Finally, everyone sighed quietly and began to untangle themselves, rising to their feet.

Then they were able to properly look around.

“Is this...?” Capulet began.

“Where Shitsuren lives,” Montague finished, squeezing her hand in reassurance.

They all stood at the very end of the hallway; from where they stood they could see that the manor was beautiful and grand, in its own way. The carpets were a dark red with a black tint, almost like blood. The wallpaper was a brighter red, and black, a repeating lace pattern – a surprising image, considering who lived here. There were large, tall windows every five feet along one of the walls, showing that this particular hall was against the side of the manor.

Capulet tentatively stepped to one of the windows and peered out. Her eyes widened and she gasped faintly at the sight before her. “Everyone!” she whispered.

As the others joined her, they saw that they were in a very large home, and at one of the top floors at that. The land outside was barren, nothing but flat rock and cliffside. The skies above were dark and stormy, black clouds churning thickly above. A tiny sliver of moonlight was all that was permitted to appear, the only light the Cures were offered in this place.

As they watched, lightning flashed, illuminating the hall for a moment. And as they looked around, they noticed in that one second, the walls were also covered in large, deep scratches, the wallpaper nearest the floor torn to shreds. The carpets along the baseboard were shredded as well: loose pieces torn up, fuzzy pieces strewn all over, whole chunks of the baseboards embedded in the carpet itself. There was no blood, not even stains, but perhaps that in itself was frightening.

If there was no blood, then it meant either whoever had caused such horrid destruction hadn't wanted to actually harm a living person...Or there hadn't been anything left to bleed.

Portia covered her mouth and drew closer to the other two. “What could have caused that?” she whispered. “None of Shitsuren have nails that can do that!”

Montague set her jaw. “I think we should keep from being seen,” she whispered. “Everyone, move, and try to stay quiet...Once we find Cure Ariel, we're leaving.”


The unspoken rules were simple as the quintet moved quietly from one hall to the next.

Avoid being seen.

Be very quiet.

If you see Shitsuren, make sure they don't see you – they're at the advantage, this is their home, not yours. If you see them, just get away quietly.

They figured those should be easy rules to follow – after all, this place was huge. Which, of course, made finding Cure Ariel difficult, but at least it left little chance of being seen, right?

After roughly twenty minutes of walking, they had neither been seen, nor seen where Cure Ariel might be. But there was still a lot of manor left to explore; Capulet opened an unlocked door and peered around inside. Luckily for them all, the hinges were well-oiled, and the doors opened completely silently.

“Nothing in here,” she whispered, squinting into the room. “It's a lady's bedroom, but there's no girl here.”

“Is someone in bed?” Portia asked.


“Well, I was just wondering,” she explained, arms over her chest. “I mean, we haven't seen anyone yet, I was starting to hope they were all asleep.”

“We only left in the afternoon,” Montague said.

“This is another world, Montague. And these people aren't quite human. For all we know, time moves differently here and they're nocturnal.”

“Hm, you've got a point there...”

Capulet sighed and shut the door. Or rather, she began to.

She suddenly tensed, hearing something other than her friends' whispers. “Girls,” she whispered. “Do you hear that?”

They all fell silent, watching as Capulet edged into the room.

It was a lovely room, though just as dark as the rest of the manor. A large four-poster bed was pushed against the wall opposite the door, the deep violet curtains pushed aside and the matching bedspread immaculately made-up. There was an ornate nightstand beside it, with an elegant-looking black key atop it. Against another wall was a large cabinet with a glass door, revealing the interior to be filled with various tea sets, dozens of tins of what she assumed to be tea leaves, fragrant boxes...

And in the corner was a door that Capulet assumed to be a closet. But the door gave way a little, the wood straining and creaking against the pressure of something. And whatever that something was, it was also clawing at the door, growling and snarling.

Capulet reached for the knob. She was halfway-there where there was a loud sound between a howl and a shriek on the other side. She, and the other four, jumped in alarm, her hands flying up to her throat.

“Hiromi, get away from there, datchu!” Ti cried as a loud WHUMP sounded against the door, making the frame creak and tremble again.

Capulet turned and ran for the others, and they took off down the hall without pausing to close their door again.


“Wh-what was that?!” Portia asked at last, once they were far enough away from that room.

“I don't wanna know!” Coffee said, trembling faintly.

“Either way,” Montague began. “I think we should stay away--”

Capulet suddenly gasped and pulled Montague's shoulder, yanking her backwards just as she was about to turn a corner. When Montague eyed her in confusion, Capulet held a finger to her lips.

They listened.

Sure enough, there was the faint sound of humming, and they heard Tamora bounding down the hallway, straight towards their location. They turned and ran the other direction, turning the first corner they saw and waiting, hiding. Holding their breath.

Soon enough, Tamora's voice slowly faded into the distance, and everyone found they could breathe easier.

“Sheesh, we ran from Tamora... muttered Portia, rubbing the back of her neck in embarrassment. “Of all people!”

“The scratches, though,” whispered Coffee. “Maybe she was the one who made them. We did see her throw exploding cards when we fled Kokoro.”

“Explosions don't leave long gashes in wood!” Capulet whispered harshly.

“Pretty Cure, datchu...” Ti whispered tearfully.

That was enough to make everyone stop whispering. They sighed, leaning against the wall. “Shall we keep going this way, then?” Montague asked.

“Might as well,” Portia answered, and they set off again, keeping their eyes and ears open.


Riche sighed and set down his teacup. “Tamora?”

Tamora, who had just entered the room, paused mid-skip and turned to look at him. “Yeah-yeah?”

“Have you seen Lady? Or Shylock?”

“Hmm...well, Shylock hasn't come back at all, still,” Tamora muttered, arms folded as she pursed her lips. “And Lady said she was going to clean and put away the tea set. But that was the last I saw her.” She suddenly blinked and tilted her head. “Why?”

“Hm...No real reason.” Riche began to drum his fingertips against the arm of his chair. “I just have this oddest feeling of trepidation.”


The door to that bedroom was still open.

Someone slipped in, paused by the door before making their way to the nightstand and taking the key.

They went to the locked door, gently slipping the key into the lock. When the faint click was heard, they tensed up, waiting...preparing themselves...

They flung the door open, keeping themselves behind it and hidden, protected.



Eyecatch 1: Hiromi and Aki pose back to back, forming a heart with their arms while Miho feverishly sketches them. Finally she smiles, and turns her sketchpad around – to reveal she's been drawing Coffee and Ti the whole time. Hiromi and Aki gape at her for a second before all three start laughing, and the Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.
Eyecatch 2: Miho, Hiromi, and Aki hold a large heart-shaped cookie between them; Hiromi taking the left, Aki taking the right, and Miho holding the bottom corner. They pull, and as the cookie comes apart there is a bright pink flash of light. When it fades, the trio are in their Cure forms, happily eating their cookie pieces. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.


“ guys?” Portia said.

“Yeah?” Montague looked back at the redhead, brows lifted in interest.

“I've been thinking...about Cure Ariel. You think she might be Noa?”

That made them all stop, blinking at her in surprise. “Noa Hisa?” Capulet said. “Our schoolmate?”

“Well, it makes sense, right?” Portia said. She frowned slightly, bringing a fingertip to her lips as she stared down. “Noa's been missing for a while...Cure Ariel has too. And I met Mrs Hisa on my way to the school.” Her gaze lifted, expression serious. “She saw what took Noa – at least, she saw the end of it. She said it was something dark, and she said the Usotsuki at the culture fest seemed familiar. It all adds up! An Usotsuki took Noa, and Noa is Cure Ariel!”

“H-hey, don't be so hasty!” Coffee said. “Not that I don't think that makes sense, but the last place we saw Ariel was in Kokoro. I don't think Mrs Hisa is from there – Noa is a girl missing from your town.”

“What if she managed to escape?” Portia shot back. “What if she escaped Shitsuren first and came to Earth to find you? Or save her mother? And then she was taken? Just...just what if?!”

The others fell silent, thinking it over.

“It...would add up,” Capulet admitted.

“I didn't see Cure Ariel outside of her Cure form,” Coffee said. “Did you, Ti?”

“No, datchu.”

“So there's still a possibility...” Montague muttered. “Okay, so when we get her out...first thing we do is bring her to her mom.”

The others nodded, small smiles appearing on their faces – and quickly froze.

Thunder had begun to rumble above, but that wasn't what caught their attention. There was this odd rushing sound, rushing and thumping, screaming, tearing...They could feel heavy vibrations in the floor, getting stronger and stronger...

Montague held an arm out protectively, shielding Capulet and Portia as she took a few steps back the way they came, squinting into the darkness. The noises, which were getting louder, were coming from that direction, she could see that much...

And then, ahead, she could barely make out dozens and dozens of red pinpricks. Then glowing red gashes, stretching and expanding like many mouths.

Her eyes went wide. ”Run,” she whispered, stumbling backwards. She turned and began to sprint, stumbling in her first few steps but saving herself in time to grab the other Cures' hands and drag them along. ”Run!”

They knew what had caused those gashes in the wood.


Ariel had been fast asleep when she heard the screaming. Gasping, she shot up in the bed, wide eyes fixed on her door. That sound-- She knew that sound, that was the same sound she'd heard during the invasion, when--

“Shylock!” she screamed, throwing back her bedcovers and running to the door. She flung herself against the wood, pounding on it with her fists. Suddenly she cried out as red flame-like aura appeared where her body made contact with the door. She pulled back and held her hands, the aura burning them.

But that only lasted a moment, she she drew in a breath and tried again, pounding and kicking at the door. “Shylock! What's happening?! Open the door, let me out, let me help you!”


In the parlor, Riche and Tamora stood together as they stared down a group of Usotsuki that had branched off from the others.

“Who let you out?!” Riche demanded. “I thought you were locked up tight!”

“Riche, Lady and Shylock are still missing!” Tamora cried, pressing herself tighter against him. “They might be in trouble!”

“I know that!” Riche snarled, gently pushing Tamora away from him. “Get your cards!” He clapped his hands together, then swiftly drew them apart. A long whip rapidly uncoiled between them, with a pitch-black handle and the rest glowing an angry red. It floated up before his face, and he snatched it up by the handle and snapped it forward.

The whip lashed out, a satisfying crack sounding through the air as it sliced a lion-like Usotsuki in half mid-lunge.


”Sound of the Bells! Chest of Revelation! Pretty Cure Bronze Truth Shoot!”

The glowing heart shot towards the bird Usotsuki diving towards them, making it rapidly disintegrate from within. Portia ran backwards, her Chest of Revelation still in her hands as she let out a victory laugh. “Ha! Mess with Pretty Cure!”

“Portia!” Capulet yelled over her shoulder. “How far away are they?”

“I think we might be losing them! Bronze Truth Shoot!” a few more blasts took out the Usotsuki that were breaking away and moving closer. “Just keep running.”

They weren't exactly sure where they were now. They'd been running blind this whole time, blasting attack behind themselves every now and then, quiet be damned! They had to save themselves!

“Who made all these?!” Capulet cried.

“I wanna go hoooome, datchu!” Ti wailed.

Montague gasped. “H-Hey, guys--!”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

“I think I just heard--” She gasped, her eyes going wide. They were approaching a fork in the hall, and--


“Over here! Hurry!” she yelled.

The others followed her, hearts pounding. Was this--?

As they drew closer, they heard what Montague had just moments ago. Beneath the din of thunder, the roaring of the rampaging Usotsuki, were a series of loud thumps and faint, pained grunts. “What's going on out there?!” yelled a feminine voice on the other side. “What's happening?! Let me out!”

Ti gasped. “I know that voice, datchu!”

“Cure Ariel?” Montague called as they reached the door. “Is that you?”

The thumping stopped, and they heard someone on the other side gasp. “Who is this?”

“I was right, datchu! Cure Ariel, it's me! It's Ti and Coffee and we brought three Pretty Cure to save you, datchu!”

“Ti...? Ti, Coffee, you made it, you're ali-- Ahn!” The pained yelp on the other side did nothing to diminish the relief in Ariel's tone.

“Ariel? What's wrong?!” Coffee cried.

“It's this door – I can't touch it in this form – it's burning my hands,” she explained, sounding apologetic.

Capulet suddenly frowned. She lifted her hands up to her shoulder, picking up Ti and Coffee, and holding them to Portia. “Stand back, everyone...” she said simply.

”Sound of the Bells! Sword of Capulet Family! Pretty Cure Glorious Golden Shoot!”

At that last word, the familiar glowing heart shot out towards the door--

--and it exploded into splinters and chunks of wood.


Somewhere in the manor, Riche whirled around. “Tamora!”

A few playing cards embedded themselves in several Usotsuki – the monsters shrieked in agony as the cards exploded and took them out with them, bursting apart into pieces of shadow that swiftly faded. Tamora stood where they once did, her arm still at her side in her post-throwing pose. “Yes, Riche!” she responded, her tone alert and all-business.

“Check the prisoner!”

“Right!” Tamora threw one more card over Riche's shoulder, destroying the Usotsuki that was about to pounce upon him. Then she turned and ran down the hall, looking for Ariel's room on the far side of the manor.

“Lady, my darling, where are you?” Riche growled in concern and frustration as he snapped his whip at another Usotsuki.


The girl who was Cure Ariel had her arms lifted to protect her face, her eyes squeezed shut. She lowered them, blinking at the sight of the huge hole before her. And the people who stood just on the other side.

She smiled, shoulders slumping in relief. “I'm so glad to--”


The girl tensed, and seized Capulet's hand as she ran out of her room. “Everyone, quick! We've got to fight them off--”

“Not now we're not!” Montague shot back.

“We came here to find you!” Portia yelled.

“Yes, but--”


“Cure Ariel! Where's the Cure Signet?” Coffee cried over the noise of the Usotsuki swarming towards their side of the manor.

“I don't know!” she cried with a shake of her head. The manor began to shake from the force of the monsters heading their way, faster and more restless. “It was taken from me when—”

“Pretty Cure, datchu!” Ti shrieked.

Usotsuki swerved around the corner, piling up on each other briefly, scrambling over each other in their attempts to untangle themselves and attack the girls.

There was no time. Portia grabbed their new ally's hand as they all turned and fled down the hall away from the Usotsuki, spotting another mirror. “Through there!” she yelled.


“Hold me tight, Ariel!” Portia screamed as they all put on an extra burst of speed--

--and splashed through the mirror, out of sight.

A second later, the pursuing Usotsuki slammed against the wall the mirror stood on, shrieking and roaring in rage.

Another second, and they all exploded into smaller shadows, leaving nothing by the remnants of a few playing cards. Tamora stood at the end of the hall, glaring at the space they once occupied. After a moment, she looked towards Ariel's now-shattered door. “...Damn.”


Inside the royal palace of Kokoro, a single mirror stood. It had a large crack running down its center, splintering off to the sides and corners, ready to shatter at the slightest disturbance. It was the only bright surface in the desecrated great hall.

Suddenly, silvery ripples passed over its surface, and four girls burst through, gasping in relief.

Capulet dropped to her hands and knees, shoulders shaking. “W-We...made it...” she gasped.

Montague knelt down, gently rubbing her shoulder. “You okay, Cappy?”


Portia relaxed her hold on the fourth girl's hand, sighing in relief. “I thought it was over...I'm sorry, Ariel, but we couldn't fight just yet--”

“That's right, datchu!” Ti cried from his perch on Montague's shoulder. “Ariel needs her Cure Signet, we can't leave her powerless forever, datchu!”

“Once things die down, we'll go back and look, uhm...Noa?” Miho ventured, looking up at the girl's face.

It was dark inside the palace, but brighter than it'd been in Heartbreak Manor. So this time, they could all actually see what she looked like.

She had light cerise hair that went a little past her shoulder-blades, the front section of her bangs hung over her forehead while the sides were gathered into crown braids, leaving the rest of her hair to hang down her back. Her eyes were magenta, and she wore a white and mint-green dress with simple white shoes. Her gold, heart-shaped earrings glimmered in the moonlight when she turned her head.

“Sorry...I haven't introduced myself yet, have I?” The girl inclined her head a bit, resting a hand on her chest.

“My name is Otome,” she said. “Otome Aimiya, of Kokoro.”


ED: "Hummingbird" - Mana Ogawa


Hiromi: “We've got to find that Cure Signet! But we can't go back to that place, can we?”
Miho: “On top of that, we need to heal those wounds!”
Otome: “Listen, guys...I think I need to come clean. There's something I want you to know...”
Aki: “About your Cure Signet or...Sh-Shylock?! What's he want?!”
Miho: “Ehhhhh?! You wanna help?!”
Otome: “Next time on Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts: 'A Pretty Cure's Heart, Shylock's Heart.' Let love heal your heart!"
“And remember, summer vacation is the day after tomorrow, so you need to hand in your book reports in tomorrow's class,” Mrs Matoko was saying one afternoon. She narrowed her eyes at Yuki. “And that means no turning it in just as the bell is ringing.”


As if on cue, the bell rang for lunch, and Mrs Matoko dismissed the class. Mirai approached Hiromi as the latter was putting away her books. “Hey, Hiromi, stay in the classroom for a little bit, okay?”

“Eh?” Hiromi blinked and looked up, frowning lightly. “Why?”

Mirai's smile was absolutely radiant, her cheeks tinting pink as she giggled. “Because...Because today, I felt that Hiromi would meet a dark, handsome stranger~!”


“I know you've already got someone special, but handsome strangers don't show up every day!”

“Mirai, let's go,” Antoinette called from where she stood by the door, a hand on her hip.

“A-Ah, coming! Hiromi, I've got to go with Antoinette to play with Usagi-chan, but anyways. Stay here a few minutes, and tell me how it went later! Bye!”

Hiromi lifted her hand as if to call her back, but Mirai was already gone, as was most of the class. Aki approached the desk, looking confused. “Dark stranger?”


OP: "Love and Joy PreCure" - Entwined Hearts Duo


A few minutes later, they were making their way down the stairs – a bit reluctantly. Apparently there'd been a spill on the stairs they normally took just a few minutes ago, so today they had to take the other stairs.

The ones with the mirror.

Hiromi shielded her eyes, but--

“Hiromi, Aki, datchu! Something's in the mirror!” Ti yelped.

And against her better judgement, Hiromi looked.

Aki was already staring wide-eyed in disbelief. “That's...not a ghost, is it?” she murmured.

No, it didn't seem that way. There was a shadowy figure, yes, but it wasn't suddenly materializing. Rather, the figure seemed to be hurtling towards the mirror's surface, as if running through air for a door. Hiromi squinted and adjusted her glasses as they came closer. “But what could...” she began.

She got no further, as suddenly something burst out of the mirror and smacked her in the face.

”Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Hiromi shrieked, flailing and swinging her schoolbag back and forth. ”The ghost is attacking my face! The ghost is attacking my face!

The thing on her face shifted a bit. “I am no ghost!” it yelled. A second later, Hiromi's vision went back to normal as the thing jumped away from her and landed on the floor.

Aki blinked. “What in the...?”

The thing – a dark purple ferret with tiny narrow glasses – glared up at them, paws on his hips. “I am no ghost!” he repeated. “My name is--”

“Kyaaah~! Darling~!” Coffee yelled, and a second later she'd launched herself out of Hiromi's bag and tackled the ferret around the middle. Both of them fell to the floor, the ferret wheezing as Coffee nuzzled him.

Aki and Hiromi blinked. ”D-Darling?!”


TODAY'S EPISODE: A Bit of Punch...Coffee's Fiancé Arrives!


Later, they were gathered outside the nearest convenience store, Aki holding a bag of boxed lunches. Miho was with them, having decided to join them for an off-campus lunch. The redhead frowned slightly, sipping her soda. “And he just launched outta the mirror and everything?” she muttered.

Aki chuckled. “Yeah...Hiromi here thought he was gonna eat her face.”

“I did not!”

“A-hem!” the ferret fairy coughed into his paw, commanding attention. Once all human eyes were on him, he stood as tall as he could, hands on his hips. “My name,” he said, “is Punch. I'm a nobleman from the Kingdom of Kokoro, and--”

“Punch. datchu!” Ti poked his head out of Hiromi's bag, smiling brightly. A second later, he threw himself at the ferret, hugging him tight around the stomach. “Punch, you're safe! You're alive, datchu, you're alive!”

Punch blinked, then allowed a tiny smile to appear on his face as he awkwardly patted Ti on the head. “Your Highness, it's good to see you. I'm glad you made it safely--”


Punch turned red when Coffee spoke up, coughing into his paw again. “And, er, you too, Coffee – er, dear.”

“Whooooaaa-kay, time-out!” Miho declared, crossing her arms in an X in front of herself. “Let's get some things cleared up! You,” she said, pointing to Punch. “You are a fairy from Kokoro. Ti and Coffee know you. You're apparently also a 'darling--'”

Punch turned redder, though his expression remained stoic.

“But what's going on? How'd ya get here? What're you doing here? Is Kokoro safe now or what?”

“That's what I've been trying to say before I kept getting interrupted!” Punch snapped. He turned a bit red, cleared his throat again, and spoke. ”As I was saying, I am Punch, from Kokoro. I am also Coffee's fiance--”

“I knew you were alive!” Coffee interrupted him, much to Aki and Miho's amusement. She began nuzzling Punch as she kept talking. “I knew it! I knew my darling Punch would never let something get him down! I knew he'd survive!”

“Punch! What about Momma and Papa?! Are they okay, datchu?”

”Would everyone stop interrupting me already?!”


The land of Kokoro was dark, and torn. Buildings had collapsed into themselves, walls and ceilings broken and pierced by pieces of the next building over. There wasn't even dust to filter and float about in the air, for there was no one around to unsettle it. Instead, a thick gray coated everything, adding to the eerie stillness of the once-vibrant kingdom.

But, in the castle's grand hall, one figure stood with his back to a large mirror. He stared into the darkness at the hall's other end, his hand clasping something beneath his scarf. Shylock swallowed, his only outward sign of nerves. “Of course,” he murmured. ”Of course...”

He turned towards the mirror again, catching the very last of the ripples on its surface, only his reflection remaining.

“...I know what to do.”


Eyecatch 1: Hiromi and Aki pose back to back, forming a heart with their arms while Miho feverishly sketches them. Finally she smiles, and turns her sketchpad around – to reveal she's been drawing Coffee and Ti the whole time. Hiromi and Aki gape at her for a second before all three start laughing, and the Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.
Eyecatch 2: Miho, Hiromi, and Aki hold a large heart-shaped cookie between them; Hiromi taking the left, Aki taking the right, and Miho holding the bottom corner. They pull, and as the cookie comes apart there is a bright pink flash of light. When it fades, the trio are in their Cure forms, happily eating their cookie pieces. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.


“Okay, from the beginning!” Punch declared.

They were walking now, heading back to the school. Aki and Hiromi were eating from their store-bought lunches as they did so, and Hiromi had already taken the two fairies and set them back on her shoulder – with strict instructions to please let Punch speak.

Miho nodded, finishing her drink and tossing it in a nearby trash can. “Fire away.”

“Your Highness, you and Coffee fleeing Kokoro was merely the beginning.

“The guards were the ones who alerted Cure Ariel to your location...”


”Cure Ariel! Go to the prince quickly! Protect him!”

Ariel stood before a group of soldier, their spears raised as they fended off the Usotsuki monsters. Some of them held the spears horizontally or diagonally, to block the creatures off. Others jabbed and slashed at them.

But all were saying the same thing.

“The prince and Coffee are all alone, Cure Ariel! Go to them, you're their only hope!”

“Soldiers...” Ariel whispered, eyes wide and shimmering.

”Go!” yelled one, a young man with dark purple hair down to his shoulders, and a pair of glasses resting on the bridge of his nose. “We'll hold them off!”

Ariel blinked, then a look of resolution appeared on her face as she nodded. “Strong hearts!” she willed them before turning and running off.

“Strong heart!” they yelled back.


“We fought as long as we could,” Punch sighed. “We fought as long as we could, my men and I. But...”


The human Punch stood in the entryway to the throne room, his chest heaving. The room was destroyed...the thrones knocked to the floor, lying among the tattered shreds of curtains, the shattered stained glass. A few of the torches, always lit to symbolize how the warmth of love could cool, had fallen to the floor and set some of the cloth ablaze.

The king and queen were nowhere to be found.

Instead, there were screaming servants and civilians, pleading for help as they were swallowed up by the monsters, or fleeing to safety. Punch ran past them all, heading for the secret room. The one he knew – he just knew - Ariel had sent the fairies.

He came too late.


“When I got there, His Highness and my fiancee were already gone. That was the good part. But...”

A raging, seething mass of shadowy creatures piling around and on top of each other, like boiling tar with red eyes. They sank into the floor, vanishing from sight.

Just before they were gone fully, he could see green-clothed fingertips emerge from the blackness, grasping for something – anything – before being swallowed again.

“After that, there wasn't much left to be done. Many were already gone, the king and queen were missing; the prince and Coffee were en route to Earth, our only Pretty Cure was gone...I took what remaining citizens I could find, and we moved to a safe place. I've been watching over them.
Occasionally, I can make a trip to the mirror to check on you all – only for a brief period of time, however. There are tales of gods who watch the earth through mirrors, but I've only been able to see bits and pieces.

“You fight well, but it is not enough...To defeat Shitsuren, you would need Cure Ariel, and she...

“Cure Ariel is, I believe, not dead. That wasn't what the monsters did.” Punch had been looking away during the more painful parts of the story, but now he looked into the girls' eyes. “I saw some of the soldiers get submerged by those things. They screamed, but they didn't die – the Usotsuki that took them went underground, as if they were going somewhere instead.

“I believe it's the same for Cure Ariel.”

Ti's eyes were shining with unshed tears. “She's alive, datchu...” he whispered. His voice began to break, tears spilling down his cheeks. “She's...alive...” He broke down into soft sobs, allowing Miho to pat his back.

“So the next thing we should do is get her out,” Aki suddenly declared.

“It would be dangerous but--”

“Cure Ariel...she's a girl like us,” Hiromi mumbled, a lightly-curled fist against her chest. The group stopped walking as they stood outside of the school gates. “She's been gone all this time, trapped somewhere...Probably alone, and scared...Aki's right, we've got to go after her.”

“Four Pretty Cure are better than one any day of the week anyhow!” Miho grinned. “So we're all in agreement?”

The other two girls nodded. Coffee beamed, and Ti managed to smile through his tears. “You're gonna get Cure Ariel back, datchu?!”

The girls nodded in unison. “Count on it!” said Miho.

Punch's eyes grew a bit shinier for a second, but then he looked away and pointedly coughed into his paw. “Well! Ahem...spoken like true Pretty Cure.”


The girls jumped in alarm, and looked beyond the school gates. Students were fleeing in all directions, away from a--

“USOOOO!” the monster roared, snapping its vines like whips through the air.

It appeared to be made from a dandelion, and was rooted in one spot. The once-yellow petals were now pitch-black, the stem purple, and instead of leaves it had two long vines protruding from itself. Its eyes and mouth were on the large, thicker part where flower and stem met, in the same hateful expression the other Usotsuki had. “USOOO!”

Punch paled. “Shitsuren...” he whispered. “They might have found me, and – Eh?”

Miho set him, Coffee, and Ti down on the ground, behind the wall. “Stay here, and stay hidden,” she said.

“We'll handle this!” Aki and Hiromi said at once.

“Pretty Cure, Love's Song!”
“The innocent love in a maiden's heart, Cure Capulet!”
“The sincere love in a maiden's heart, Cure Montague!”
“The steadfast love in a maiden's heart, Cure Portia!”
“Our hearts connected! Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts!”

Coffee smiled as she looked at Punch, a paw resting on his arm. “Aren't they amazing, darling?”

“They're Pretty Cure, my dear. All Cures are amazing.”

The trio ran into the schoolyard, heading straight for the Usotsuki. However, as they ran, Montague spotted something from her peripheral vision. She looked up...

...and locked eyes with Shylock, who stood by the window inside the school.

Montague gasped. “It's him!” she said. “You two take care of the Usotsuki! I'm gonna keep him away from the teachers or students!”

“Right!” the other two shouted as their paths separated.

Montague ran for the building, putting all her power into her legs as she leaped off the ground, sailing through one of the open windows. Once inside, she ran up the stairs to the floor where she'd seen Shylock. If I'm right, then he must be--!

She skidded to a halt as she turned the corner, staring at Shylock as he stood next to the mirror.

“You have good vision,” he said, and had the decency to actually sound impressed.

“Comes in handy,” Montague said with a shrug, and swiftly summoned her Rapier Wand. “I'm not letting you hurt anyone in here!”

“Really?” Shylock drew his own rapier, a pitch-black one with a red heart stamped on the pommel. “That's not why I'm here, per se...but let me see something.”

As the Usotsuki roared outside, so did Shylock, drawing a black rapier as he surged down the stairs.

Montague drew out her Rapier Wand and parried Shylock's attack. He was not deterred, however, and swung his rapier away before coming at another angle. Montague kept parrying, swinging, but Shylock kept stepping forward, forcing her to move back if she were to keep defending herself. Her teeth were grit, beads of sweat already gathered at her temples – she had to find an opening, but how?!

Meanwhile, Capulet and Portia split up as the Usotsuki shot a vine at them, missing as it went straight down the middle. The Cures increased their speed before leaping into the air.

“Capulet Kick!”

“Portia Stomp!”

Capulet's heel drove into the Usotsuki's head, right onto the iris; while the flat of Portia's foot landed between its glowing red eyes.

Victory was short-lived though, as the Usotsuki snapped its vines up, grabbing Portia and Capulet before they could even fall back to earth, and then threw them back to earth. “U-SOOOO!”

The ground shook from the force of the Cures hitting the ground, craters appearing around them as they moved to get back up. The Usotsuki was too quick, however, and snapped its vines on them again, sending them back to the concrete.

An action that Montague spotted from the corner of her eye.

“Capulet! Portia!” Montague yelled, taking her eyes off Shylock and towards the window for just one second.

That was all he needed, as he drew his arm back and thrust his rapier forward at great speed.

Montague just managed to notice, crying out in surprise as she dodged to the side. The tip of the rapier pierced her puffed sleeve, tearing straight through and exposing her shoulder. Montague's eyes were wide as, almost in slow-motion, she saw the fabric rippling through the air. That could have killed me! she thought, a slow-creeping horror dawning on her. He could have killed me!

And, still in slow-motion, Shylock's stoic gaze faltered a bit, and moved from straight ahead to directly into Montague's eyes. He mouthed something – Montague blinked – and then the world went back to normal speed again. Shylock swung his rapier at Montague again--

-and there was a resounding CLANG as she blocked it, her mouth in a thin, firm line as she glared resolutely at him. “I'll defeat you,” she promised. “I will! And we'll save Cure Ariel!”

Something flickered in Shylock's eyes before he grinned and put his weight against his weapon, intending to shove Montague off-balance. “Why don't you prove it, then?” he said simply before shoving again, making Montague stumble down a few stairs.


Outside, the Usotsuki had its vines pressed down on Capulet and Portia, as if it wanted to squish them like ants. The Cures tried to push themselves up, their knuckles turning red as they strained against the shattered ground.

“I've...had...enough of this!” Portia yelled at least, drops of sweat beading on her forehead. She grit her teeth, straining against the Usotsuki even harder. “You can...try to hold us down all you want..”

In the crater beside her, Capulet was also pushing. And just like Portia, she was slowly rising to her hands and knees. “You can...try to defeat us...”

“But Pretty Cure--”

“--Are unbeatable!”

With a loud cry, the girls flung themselves out to the sides, rolling on the ground as they escaped their confines. They both tucked in, and then leaped to their feet and charged at the Usotsuki again.

“USO?!” it cried in shock.

“Pretty Cure are unbeatable!” Capulet repeated, punching away a vine as it lashed towards her. “You can never keep a Pretty Cure down!”

“No matter how strong you think your prison is, we'll always escape! Because we've got something worth fighting for!” Portia yelled, jumping over a vine as it attempted to catch her round the ankles. In one fluid motion, she drove her heel down onto it just as it was below her, making the monster screech in pain.

“And we'll always have each others backs!” Capulet said as the two girls rejoined and ran side-by-side. As if to illustrate this, she summoned her Rapier Wand and slapped away the vine aiming for Portia. And in turn, Portia jumped over Capulet's head to kick away a vine aimed for the blonde.

“We'll definitely...”


“Save Cure Ariel!” Montague yelled, thrusting her Rapier Wand forward and towards Shylock's neck.


”Sound of the Bells! Sword of Capulet Family! Pretty Cure Glorious Golden Shoot!”

The Usotsuki let out a gurgling groan as the glowing heart struck it, disintegrating it from the inside-out.

Capulet landed beside Cure Portia, and the two girls high-fived one another as they grinned triumphantly at the harmless dandelion weed growing from a crack in the schoolyard.


Montague panted lightly as she stared up at Shylock's face. He gazed back, expressionless.

The Rapier Wand hadn't pierced his neck, or any part of his body. Instead, it pinned his scarf to the mirror behind him, a web of neat cracks appearing around its tip. His scarf was torn much like Montague's sleeve was, revealing a glint of something underneath it.

“We'll save Cure Ariel,” Montague repeated, in a much calmer tone than before. “We'll definitely save her!”


Five different voices called her name; the fairies had reunited with Capulet and Portia, and all five of them were running up the stairs to meet herself and Shylock.

Punch held out one paw to keep the other two fairies from getting any closer, his eyes going wide in recognition. “You--! You're the one who--”

Shylock just smiled.

Suddenly, ripples appeared around his body, against the mirror's surface, as if it were water. Without another word, he took a step back, and was gone.


A little later, the three Cures stood before the mirror, gazing at their reflections. At least, that was how it looked; really, they seemed to be looking beyond that. Trying to see into the mirror's depths itself.

Capulet reached out and touched it. “It's just glass,” she mumbled. “But...But Punch and Shylock both came through it.”

Ti nodded. “And and and!” he cried. “Coffee and me found ourselves in this building when we left Kokoro, datchu! This mirror's not haunted, it's a door, datchu!”

“His Highness is right,” Punch said with a nod. “This mirror serves as a door between your world and Kokoro.”

“So there isn't something supernatural about it, just fantastical!” Montague gasped, smacking her fist into an open palm.

“Okay, we're getting off-subject again,” Portia muttered, making an X with her arms for the second time that day. Her expression became serious as she turned to face the others. “We now know there's a missing Cure. She needs our help. Shylock left this world through this mirror. If we pass through as well, we can get to Kokoro, and find where she's being held.”

“So let's do it! Right now!” Montague yelled.

“Montague, please,” Capulet whispered. “I think...maybe we should wait a day.”

“What?!” the others gasped.

“Look at us. We just finished a battle – and Montague's shoulder is hurt,” she added, pointing to the stain of red just under the tear in Montague's sleeve. “On top of that, tomorrow, people will still be in the school. What if we're too slow and we end up coming out while there's a ton of people around? I mean, yeah, we don't like using these stairs, but there's always going to be one or two thrill-seekers, and the teachers don't believe the stories about the mirror. Someone would see us come out, and we could potentially endanger others. I can't do that!”

Coffee frowned, and nodded. “I see Capulet's point...” she admitted.

“Tomorrow is the last day before summer break. Everyone would have already gone home except for a few custodians and teachers – that's a lot fewer people to deal with, and we can be let out if need be,” Capulet finished.

There was a long pause. Finally, Montague sighed. “I guess you're right about that.”

“I'll get a visitor's pass and claim I'm here to drop something off for you,” Portia said. “That'll get me into the school to meet you guys.”

Ti nodded. “And we can do this when Hiromi and Aki get out of school, datchu!”

Punch smiled. “Strategizing...just like a warrior would.” His shoulders slumped a bit as he looked down at the floor. “I'm afraid I can't help you, though. I have to return to Kokoro and look after the citizens we have left. I shouldn't have been here as long as I was, besides.”

“Ohhh...darling!” Coffee wailed, throwing herself at Punch and hugging him tightly. “Keep our kingdom safe, please! Keep yourself safe! If something happens to either, I won't forgive you!”

“I know,” Punch murmured. He patted Coffee's shoulder, kissed the spot between her ears before he gently pulled away. Stepping back towards the mirror, he looked round the group. All of them, even the young prince Ti, had resolute smiles on their faces. He felt himself relax; he could count on these girls. “Pretty Cure...

“Thank you...and tomorrow, remember: all you have to do is imagine water.”

And he stepped through the mirror and disappeared, leaving only ripples on its surface that quickly faded away.

In a flash of light, the girls detransformed and exchanged glances, conveying all they needed in one look: hope, strength, determination.

This was going to work. They were sure of it.

Aki knew so especially. This was what Shylock wanted to.

And, still in slow-motion, Shylock's stoic gaze faltered a bit, and moved from straight ahead to directly into Montague's eyes. He mouthed something.

“Do what you must. Free Cure Ariel.”


ED: "Hummingbird" - Mana Ogawa


Aki: “Okay, everyone, are we ready to do this?”
Miho: “Absolutely!
Hiromi: “Y-You betcha! A-Ah, M-Mrs Hisa?!”
Mrs Hisa: “You girls be careful alone...I saw Noa get taken away by something dark and shadowy...”
Hiromi: “Dark and shadowy...It couldn't be, right?! Next time on Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts: 'The Missing Classmate...Our Fourth Member?!' Let love heal your heart!"
Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts ep14
Cures Aquata, Attina, Alana, Andrina, Arista and Adella could not be reached for comment.
The class representative finished writing 'Culture Fest Ideas' on the blackboard, then turned and faced the class with a smile. “Okay, everyone! Let's get started! Who's first?”

Antoinette raised her hand. “I suggest a High Tea, where we all dress as nobility!”

“Would we all have to dress up and drink tea?” asked Yuki. “I think I'd rather be the one providing refreshments.”

“Well, in that case, we can have a bakery instead!” Antoinette gasping, tenting her fingers and smiling widely.

“High Tea...Bakery...” mumbled the class rep as she wrote those on the board. “Anyone else?”

“Maybe Mirai can offer fortune-telling.”

“Ehhhh, I don't wanna do that!”

“A carnival!”

“How about a play? We can put on the story of Forty-Seven Ronin!”

“There's not that many of us!”

“A fashion show! Fashion show!”

“No good, Miss Rika's class is doing that already...”

“We could sell something? But what would we sell...?”

“Stuffed animals, maybe?”

Everyone fell silent and looked towards Mrs Matoko. The blue-haired woman sat in a chair in the corner of the room, her arms folded as she watched over the proceedings. Realizing she'd actually spoken aloud, and was being stared at, she blinked, then waved her hand and blushed. “Ah, sorry, kids. Sorry, got carried away in your enthusiasm! Don't mind me--”

“That's perfect!”

Mrs Matoko blinked. “Whaaaa?”


OP: "Love and Joy PreCure" - Entwined Hearts Duo


The words 'Stuffed Animal Boutique' were written in large letters on the blackboard, and the class rep had even decided to draw adorable flowers around it. She smiled as she faced the room, hands flat on Mrs Matoko's desk. “So, it's decided! We rearrange the class to look like a cute, but simple store. We all bring in our old stuffed animals as long as they're still in good condition, and sell them!”

There was a loud murmuring from the class; all of it positive.

“Should we dress up? Like have cute aprons and stuff?”

“I don't see why we shouldn't!”

“Ahhh, this will be so much fun!”

Throughout the whole thing, Mrs Matoko just sat and stared, unable to believe her idea had really taken off.

“Hey, Mrs Matoko?”

She blinked. “Yes, Satou?”

Hiromi sat with her hand in the air, smiling at her teacher. “Will you be bringing in a stuffed animal, too? After all, it was your idea, maybe you were thinking of it, anyway?”

Mrs Matoko blinked again, then put her finger to her lips. “ know, come to think of it...”

A little girl with short, thick pigtails sat on the porch outside, enjoying the summer sun. She kicked her bare feet idly, slurped at a watermelon-flavored popsicle...and then tapped the end of it against a pink teddy bear's stitched-on mouth.

“I think I might have someone.”


TODAY'S EPISODE: Culture Fest Mayhem! A Boutique of Love!


The next few days passed in a blur. It was the usual academic lessons in the first half of the day, then preparing for the festival. Gathering pastel tablecloths for the desks, which would all be pushed together in groups to form tables for the toys; making paper chains for decoration; creating the uniforms and sewing matching aprons for everyone...

“You think I'm doing this right?” Yuki asked as he held up the pale blue apron he was working on.

“It looks fine to me!” said Mirai with a smile as she stitched her own, pale pink, apron.

“Yes, yes, just keep at it, you're doing fine,” Antoinette offered from her own desk, munching on some leftover curry from her lunch.

”You could at least help, you know!”

And of course, there was the matter of getting enough stuffed animals.

Hiromi entered the room with her arms loaded up with toys, awkwardly peeking over the top of the bunch. “H-Help me, please!” she called as she took a few tentative steps, trying not to drop anything.

Laughing, Aki ran towards her and caught a black cat before it could topple off the pile. “Geez, Hiromi, got enough there?”

“A-Ahaha...some of these are my sisters',” Hiromi explained, her pink face appearing properly as Aki pulled more and more toys away. “I told them about our idea for Culture Fest, and they all have some old toys they'd like to get rid of...”

“Goodness, Hiromi!” Antoinette gasped as she approached. “I think we'll have enough for our shop from your family alone!”

Hiromi blushed again. “W-Well, not is only a small portion of our collections...”

Mirai suddenly shuddered and hugged herself. “Premonition! Most of these toys will come from Hiromi and her sisters!”

“Th-that's not a real premonition, Mirai!”

Mirai laughed sheepishly. “Sorry...but I did get a premonition! Everyone should be very careful around bears!”

As everyone else just stared, Yuki threw the sewing needle down on his desk. “Is anyone going to finish helping me with this?”

Just then, the door opened again, and Mrs Matoko entered. Gracefully stepping around Hiromi, she made her way to her desk, calling out “Everyone, back to your duties, please.”

“Ah, Mrs Matoko, where should I put these?” Hiromi asked.

“There's a bin over there in the closet, we can keep the toys in there until the day of the festival.”

As Hiromi, and a few others who'd brought toys, went to the bin, Mirai looked back at her teacher. “Mrs Matoko,” she asked, “You said you were bringing a toy, too, right? And I could feel it! Where's your stuffed animal?”

Mrs Matoko tensed up a bit, cheeks tinting pink. “Ah...Well, Ichiko is a special--”

That caught everyone's attention. “Ichiko?” Aki asked.

The teacher turned pinker and began to nurse at her coffee cup. “Er – I'll be bringing in a toy, but I want to wait until the morning of the festival. Not before. ...I don't want her to get damaged or lost. Not that any of yours will!” she hastily added, spotting the distressed looks on some of her students. “If any of you want to, you can wait til the morning of, too!”

Aki rubbed the back of her neck. “But that doesn't explain who Ichiko is...” she mumbled.


Tamora stood at Ariel's door, knocking loudly. “Heeeeey! You in there~!”

There was a soft shuffling sound, and Ariel's voice came from the other side. “What do you need, Tamora? If you're looking for Shylock, he hasn't visited today.”

“Not that! I was wonderin' if you wanted to tea party with me.”

There was silence on the other side of the door. Stunned silence, Tamora could tell by the atmosphere.

She took it in stride, smiling brightly. “I tried to give you that cake earlier, but you didn't want it, but like – I still wanna play with you! We're the youngest girls here, we should be like sisters! So yeah, I'm asking you to tea party with me!”

“Er – Tamora, I don't--”

“Don't you want to get to know each other?” Tamora's voice softened a little, her smile becoming a serious expression. “Look, we're not bad people. I don't hate you – Lady and Riche don't either. I dunno about Break, but... But yeah, I wanna be friends, Ariel. So what do you say?”


Tamora giggled. “I promise the tea won't be poison, if that's what you're thinking.”

More silence, and then, “I...I suppose--”

“Great! Ah, but there's one more thing I need, okay? Just hold tight, and I'll be back soon!” Tamora beamed as she ran down the hallway, vanishing into the darkness.


As the days passed by, the collection of stuffed animals grew even bigger. Soon there was no more space in the bin for them, and some of them had to sit on the bookshelf against the wall. And then there were too many for even that, and they had to sit in a row on Mrs Matoko's desk. That got quite the interesting reaction from Yagami, when he came down one morning to say she'd forgotten to hand in her attendance sheet, and Mrs Matoko had to gently scoot a few bears and a giant caterpillar aside.

Yet for all the animals that were there, this Ichiko one never made an appearance.

Not til the day of the festival, anyway.

It was just a few hours until the Culture Fest would be officially underway, and everyone was putting the finishing touches on the décor and their uniforms. The entire classroom was clean, and the blinds were pulled up to let in the sunlight. The desks were shoved together to form tables and were covered with pastel yellow and blue, pink and yellow paper chains were strung up around the walls and ceiling. The animals were all being categorized by type; bears in one place, cats in another, dogs, birds, a whole separate table for the smaller, pocket-sized toys.

Ti stood in front of one of the stuffed mice, staring at it with wide, sparkling eyes. “Uwaaah, datchu...” he whispered. “This one's really cute...”

“But not as cute as you, Your Highness!” Coffee said, patting him on the head.

“But but, look! Her fur is blue! Blue's so pretty, datchu...”

“Eh, how do you know she's a girl mouse?”

“I can tell, datchu.”

Hiromi approached just then, smiling nervously as she adjusted her frilly apron. “It'll be safe for you to be out here, just as long as you stay near the stuffed animals.”

“And try not to let too many people see you move?” Aki said.

Coffee and Ti both saluted, though Ti quickly looked back at the stuffed mouse again. “You can count on us~!”

The two girls smiled, then turned towards the door as it opened.

Mrs Matoko entered the room, looking a little sheepish. And in her arms was--

“Uwaaaaaah~! How cute!” came the collective cry from the room.

In the teacher's arms was a fluffy pink teddy bear, with a white muzzle and paws. The inner ears were white as well, and both the eyes and nose were a dark fuchsia. It wore a pink ribbon around its neck, a slightly darker one than its fur, and a strawberry-shaped clasp was over the large bow under its chin. Its pink mouth was stitched into a tiny smile, as if it were happy to meet them but a little shy.

Mrs Matoko blushed slightly and held the bear up to cover her own mouth. “Ahem. This is Ichiko, my childhood bear... I thought it finally time she find a new home, someone else to love her.”

“How positively darling~!” squealed Antoinette, rushing forward and cooing over the bear. “Oh, and she's in such wonderful condition! Are you sure you've had her for such a long time?”

“Such a - how old do you think I am?!” Mrs Matoko snapped, turning bright red.

“Huh, looks like you were right, Mirai. Beware of bears,” Yuki muttered.

Mirai shook her head. “No, that's not what I was sensing, I'm sure of it.”

Mrs Matoko coughed and pointedly looked away, hugging Ichiko a little tighter. “As I was saying...This is my childhood bear. When I was a little girl, I would always spend summers with my grandmother. I was a little homesick the first time, so my mother stitched this bear together...”


”Here you are, dear,” the girl's mother said with a smile, holding Ichiko to her. “Ichiko will keep you company while you're away.”

“Really, Mama?” she asked, taking the pink bear and cradling it to her chest. She paused, sniffing the air before burying her nose in Ichiko's fur. “Ah! She smells like roses, Mommy!”

“I've sprayed some of my perfume in and on her...So whenever you're sad or lonely, all you have to do is sniff, and it'll feel like I'm right here with you...”


“Of course, eventually the smell of perfume faded away, but by the time that happened, I didn't need to smell Ichiko all the time. By that point, I loved Ichiko for Ichiko, not because she reminded me of my mother. We did everything together at Grandma's house – we walked through town together, played in the woods...One time I lost her in the stream, and I cried for hours. But that evening...”


”Excuse me, is the little Matoko here?”

“Ah, yes – Nanako, dear! This gentleman is here for you!”

Nanako Matoko approached the door, her face grubby and tearstained. Her suspicious, despairing expression suddenly changed into a large, bright smile when she saw Ichiko in the fisherman's hands.

As she ran forward to take her back and hug her, the man explained. “Fished her up a while ago and remembered seeing you with her. So I took her home and got her dried before coming here. I'm sure she missed you a lot, Little Matoko.”

Nanako sobbed once, then smiled. “Ichiko knew you'd bring her home to me, so she grabbed your line, Mister!”

The man laughed. “Yes, it seems she did!”


“That evening, I knew Ichiko was special. Well, I mean, I thought she was. I was only six at that time. But ever since, I took extra special care of her, and we did even more things together.

“And when I grew up and got rid of most of my toys and dolls, Ichiko was the one I couldn't bear to be apart from. I kept her safe in my cupboard at home, until I could pass her on to someone else. I just haven't found someone I think will take good care of her yet – Maybe today I will...” she said with a wistful smile, hugging Ichiko tighter.

Hiromi's eyes were watery. “What a beautiful story...” she sniffled.

Mrs Matoko cleared her throat sheepishly. “W-Well! Anyways – Good luck at the festival, everyone. Work hard.”

Everyone threw their fists into the air and cheered.


Eyecatch 1: Hiromi and Aki pose back to back, forming a heart with their arms while Miho feverishly sketches them. Finally she smiles, and turns her sketchpad around – to reveal she's been drawing Coffee and Ti the whole time. Hiromi and Aki gape at her for a second before all three start laughing, and the Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.
Eyecatch 2: Miho, Hiromi, and Aki hold a large heart-shaped cookie between them; Hiromi taking the left, Aki taking the right, and Miho holding the bottom corner. They pull, and as the cookie comes apart there is a bright pink flash of light. When it fades, the trio are in their Cure forms, happily eating their cookie pieces. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.


The festival had officially begun an hour ago, and already the classroom was teeming with people. Lots of toys had already been sold, but there was still lots more left. Half the class had left to enjoy the festival, and those still working had to alternate between selling the dolls and reorganizing them when someone misplaced them.

Mrs Makoto sat atop her desk, holding Ichiko in her arms as she surveyed the room. She frowned lightly; no one had approached yet to see the bear...

“Heeey, Hiromi, Aki, you guys have a break yet?” Miho called cheerfully as she entered their class, holding her hand up in greeting. “Whoa, look at all the animals...” she muttered then, actually taking a look around. “And people...

“Just a sec, Miho!” Aki said back, taking off her apron and setting it in the closet. “Antoinette, Mirai, you guys got this?”

Antoinette flipped her hair, her cheeks tinting pink. “Of course, Aki~! Count on us~!”

Hiromi scooped up Ti and Coffee as she walked towards the door, smiling back at her friends. “We'll tell Yuki to hurry back when we see him.” And with that, the three girls left the room.

Mirai waved goodbye, smiling softly. After a moment's pause, she spoke again. “Antoinette, we told you Aki and Hiromi are dating...”

“Sh-Shut up, Mirai!”


“Nana couldn't make it?” asked Aki.

Miho shrugged, munching on a takoyaki she'd bought from another class. “Nah. She said she was too busy, and she hadn't been at one of these in a long time, so she'd feel weird. Said I'd be more at home here since I used to go here and all.” She polished off her snack, casually licked her fingers, and grinned at the other girls. “So your shop looked cute! And really crowded...”

Hiromi chuckled sheepishly, scratching the side of her face. “Y-Yeah...apparently more people like stuffed animals than we thought.”

“Of course they do, datchu! People like all animals!” Ti shouted. “Especially blue mice...”

“Yeah yeah, Ti, don't worry...” Aki said, reaching into her pocket and producing the mouse he was looking at earlier. “I bought her.”

Ti let out a very un-royal squeal and bodily hugged the doll when Aki brought it to him.

The other three shared a quiet laugh, until Miho blinked in surprise and pointed. “Hey, isn't that Mrs Hisa?” she asked.

The others looked. Sure enough, there was Mrs Hisa, standing in front of a classroom and speaking to the teacher. She was smiling, though there was definite tiredness to her features, new lines and shadows around her eyes. She bowed to the teacher and turned away; in doing so she spotted the trio. “Ah...” She smiled faintly and approached them, nodding once. “I remember you two girls...” she said to Aki and Hiromi. “How are you?”

“W-We're fine,” Hiromi said. “But how about you?”

“I didn't expect to see you here!” Aki blurted out.

Hiromi elbowed her.

Mrs Hisa paid no mind, just chuckling behind her hand. “Ah, yes, well...I thought I would come and see what Noa's class was doing this year...She always loved Culture Fests, you see. And I thought, maybe when she comes home again, I can tell her what they did. Take a few pictures...”

The girls and fairies felt a little twinge in their hearts when they noted Mrs Hisa had said when, not if.

“And we always used to go together...” Mrs Hisa murmured, her expression softening and her eyes growing misty. “I just...I just thought...”

Miho took her hand.

Mrs Hisa blinked, gasping faintly in surprise.

The girl just smiled up at her, gently rubbing the back of her hand. “H-hey, I know this right here,” with a nod towards their hands, “is pretty forward, but my cousin does this when I'm upset. Mrs Hisa, Noa'll come home. I'm sure of it. And then next year you'll attend the Culture Fest together.”

“That's right!” Aki cried, pumping her fists. “And she'll love hearing what you have to tell her about today!”

“Please, just enjoy the festival for both of you! She'll be back home soon!” Hiromi added.

Mrs Hisa blinked again, then smiled, wiping tears away with her other hand. “Thank you, girls,” she said. “I'm sure Noa would be great friends with such sweet people like you...”

“Yeah! Hey, let's buy you something!” Aki declared.


“I'll buy you a takoyaki! Always cheers me up. Let's see...” Aki mumbled, reaching into her pocket. Then she froze, finding it empty. “Ah, crap, I left it in my desk!”

“What?! Akiiiii!”

“Mrs Hisa, can you excuse us a sec? Wait right here!” Aki yelled before dragging her friends down the hall.


Mrs Matoko sighed heavily, starting to swing her feet. Jeez...still no one approached her and Ichiko. She'd even set the bear down on the desk proper, assuming that maybe the problem was the fact she was holding her. But nope, still no one wanted the pink bear.

“Someone must love you...” she muttered, looking down at Ichiko.

Ichiko's glass eyes almost looked sad.

The door burst open just then, and Aki stampeded into the room with Miho and Hiromi. “Yo, Mrs Matoko! Where's my desk?!”

“Oshiro, do you really expect me to know?” Mrs Matoko deadpanned.

“Harrrrgh, then can I borrow some money?”


Aki stared, eyes wide and shining.

Mrs Matoko sighed and hopped off her desk, reaching into her skirt pocket. “I must have something...”

“Aaaaaaah, stuffed animals~!” came a new, yet familiar, voice.

Tamora stood in the doorway, hands clapped over her cheeks as she gazed around the room in awe. “I heard on the street that there were animals being sold here, but I never expected so many and such cute ones! I want one!”

“T-Tamora?!” gasped Hiromi.

“Who?” Mrs Matoko asked, glancing over at the Shitsuren member. “Is she with the drama department...?”

“Ehhhh?!” Tamora cried, her gaze moving to the girls. “Pretty Cure's here?!” She sighed, sounding very put-upon for a moment. “Fiiiiiiiine, I guess I'll have to get my super-adorable bear later. Work comes first, you know~!” she giggled, pulling a Heartbreak Marker from her sleeve.

Tamora uncapped the marker and swiftly drew a slashed heart symbol in the air. “Fall into heartbreaking despair!” she yelled, and flung her arm out.

The symbol struck Mrs Matoko in the chest, pulsating once and surrounding her in a black aura. The teacher fell to her knees, head tilted back as she began to cry at the top of her lungs, shaking as if she'd break apart. As she fell, Ichiko was knocked from her position from the desk and onto the floor.

“Your heartbreak will fill the River Despair and flood the world~!” Tamora cheered, holding her arms out.

At Heartbreak Manor, the water over the falls suddenly turned black, frothing and churning harder than ever before it continued over the edge of the cliffside, black lightning dancing over the water's surface.

“And as for you, Pretty Cure...” Tamora drew another symbol in the air and flung it at the pile of stuffed animals. “Fall into heartbreaking despair! Come on out, Usotsuki!”

The symbol struck a teddy bear, and quickly enveloped the bear in purple light. The toy instantly grew to an enormous height, the toys around it flying from the sudden force. When the light faded, the bear – now a dark purple in color - stood on its feet, lifting its paws skyward. It tilted its head back, his bright red eyes widening as he roared in fury, revealing a furnace-like glow in its mouth.

The people remaining the room shrieked in terror and ran for the door, leaving the girls, fairies, Tamora, and Mrs Matoko alone with the Usotsuki.

“Girls!” Coffee screamed.

“We got it!” Miho yelled back, holding her hand in front of her face.

“Pretty Cure, Love's Song!”
“The innocent love in a maiden's heart, Cure Capulet!”
“The sincere love in a maiden's heart, Cure Montague!”
“The steadfast love in a maiden's heart, Cure Portia!”
“Our hearts connected! Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts!”

Before anyone could do anything, the Usotsuki roared again and charged forward--

--and crashed through the wall on the other side of the room, running into the hall.

“After it!” Portia cried in a high-pitched voice, as she and the others gave chase.

Tamora glanced over at the woman crying, covering her ears in annoyance. “Phwah...I like heartbreak and despair, but man. Being so close to the crying is so annoying...” She closed her eyes and sighed, then as she opened them again she spotted something on the floor.
Something pink. And fluffy.


Tamora walked over to Ichiko, picking it up and staring at it. Pink blush tinted her cheeks as she cooed “Uwaaaah, how adorable!” Then her smile faded when she looked back to Mrs Matoko. “Is this bear yours...?”

“Ichiko...I-Ichiko...M-Mommy...” Mrs Matoko hiccuped between her sobs, having apparently gotten lost in memories.

Tamora looked at the bear, biting her lower lip. “Ichiko...?”


Loud screaming came from the hall as the Usotsuki looked first one way, and then the other, snarling and grunting, looking as if it were trying to decide which direction to go. The people on either side of it ran, screaming, for the stairs on either side of hall. After one more brief moment of indecision, the Usotsuki turned left and charged, following the crowd down the stairs.

The banister buckled and broke beneath the Usotsuki's weight when it slammed against the wall from going too fast, but that didn't deter it at all. It kept running, roaring again as the crowd tried to get away...

And near the landing, Mrs Hisa tripped and was sent sprawling to the floor.

She had no time to get back up. The monster skidded to a halt right there with her.

She screamed and curled into a ball, arms over her head as the Usotsuki stopped and bore down on her. It roared directly over her head, ruffling her hair and clothing, making tiny droplets of sweat appear on her skin from the blazing heat inside it. Mrs Hisa sobbed once before fainting, arms dropping away from her head as she went limp.

”Hey!” came a loud voice.

The Usotsuki turned, snarling, and saw Pretty Cure on the landing behind it. It was Cure Capulet who'd spoken, standing in front of the other two with her hands curled into fists. ”You leave her alone!” she shouted again, charging forward and leaping into the air. “Capulet Kick!”

Her high heel drove directly into the Usotsuki's gut as she fell back down, making it take a giant step back – mercifully, over Mrs Hisa.

Montague ran forward, scooping the woman up in her arms and getting her out of the way as Portia leaped up, delivering a swift kick to the Usotsuki's nose.

The Usotsuki stumbled backwards, slamming against the window. The glass broke from its weight, and the monster was sent falling to the ground below. Portia ran to the window, hands grasping the edge as she gasped. The Usotsuki was going to land on the people below! “Everyone, run!” she yelled down.

Montague suddenly ran forward, leaping over Portia's head and out the window. Time seemed to slow for a moment as she sailed through the air, hovering over the falling Usotsuki, her features hidden in shadow. “Let's make it quick! Sound of the Bells! Sword of the Montague Family! Pretty Cure Majestic Amethyst Shoot!”

The glowing heart shot the Usotsuki right between the eyes, and the monster let out a quiet mumble as it was enveloped in warm light and disintegrated.

A second later, Montague landed safely on the ground and held her hand out. A brown teddy bear fell directly into her open palm. “Ta-da~”

The world shifted and rippled, and all the damage that'd been done went back to normal. As the festival-goers slowly started coming back towards the building, they began to quietly talk amongst themselves.

“What was that?”

“A special effect gone wrong? Maybe something with the animatronics club?”

“Does this school have that?”

“What happened...?”


Mrs Hisa awoke in the nurse's office, blinking in confusion. “, what...” she mumbled, sitting up on the bed provided.

“Oh! Miss, please don't sit up!” the nurse gasped, rushing towards her. “You fainted on the stairs, you shouldn't move just yet.”

“Yes...that's right, I fainted, but...” Mrs Hisa frowned, trying to remember what'd happened beforehand. She'd been attending the Culture Fest, of course, her daughter would have wanted it...she'd visited her daughter's classroom...and then a giant teddy bear appeared?

“'s so ridiculous...yet why does it feel so familiar?” she whispered, a hand going to her head.


Pretty Cure burst into the classroom, throwing the door open. “Mrs Matoko--!” Montague began, but the words suddenly died in her throat.

Tamora was standing in front of their teacher, smiling and holding Ichiko out for her. “Here,” she said.

The symbol was fading from Mrs Matoko's chest, but not gone yet. The teacher sniffed, wiping snot and tears from her face as she looked from Ichiko to Tamora.

Tamora kept smiling gently, tilting her head and moving Ichiko forward. “Go on...Your heartbreak was caused by this, right? I'm sorry, I expected a teacher to be upset over something else...I promise, if I knew how important to you Ichiko was, I would have picked another target. Well, go on, I bet she misses your hugs right now.”

Mrs Matoko sniffed once more, then reached out for her bear. She took it, cradled it to her chest and rubbed her face against its furry head. “Ichiko...Mommy...” she whispered, and the mark faded altogether. She pitched forward for a second, as if about to faint, but then her eyes opened and she regained her balance. “Huh?”

Pretty Cure hastily detransformed in a flash of light, and ran for her. “Mrs Matoko!” Aki cried, grabbing her shoulders. “Are you okay?!”

Mrs Matoko just smiled. “Y-yes. Sorry, Miss Oshiro, I must've gotten dizzy from all this...excitement...?” She looked up at Tamora, blinking as if she'd never seen her before. Her gaze flickered from Tamora to the bear in her own arms, and then...

She smiled and held Ichiko out to her. “Would you like her?”

Tamora blinked and pointed to herself. “Eh? Me?”

“Eh? Her?!” echoed the girls.

“You came right up to me, didn't you? That means you're interested in Ichiko here.” Mrs Matoko tilted her head, still smiling. “And you think she's cute. I can see it in the way you look at her.”

“W-Well, yeah, she is but – you were crying and screaming over – er, I mean, you seem really attached to her!”

“Well, yes...But I can't keep her forever. Ichiko is a friendly, loving bear, and she needs to meet new people and give them love too. To make others as happy and content as she'd made me. And you walked right up to her, over all the other animals here...I think Ichiko wants to go home with you too, Miss.”

Everyone stared. Pretty Cure was unable to believe what they were hearing, and so was Tamora. This was a dream, right? It had to be.

Finally, Tamora reached out and took Ichiko back, staring into her eyes. Then she beamed, hugged her to her chest. “I bet she loves tea parties! Thank you~!” she cooed, and she skipped out of the room.


“She doesn't remember a thing, does she?” Miho muttered around her taiyaki later that day.

Hiromi and Aki, back to work, shook their heads. “Nothing. As the others do,” Aki sighed.

“But it's so weird...I didn't think Tamora would accept Ichiko like that,” Hiromi said.

“Hey, I didn't expect Mrs Matoko to give it to her!” exclaimed Aki.

Coffee and Ti nodded from where they sat among the stuffed rodents. Of course, having been in the classroom that whole time, they'd seen what had happened after the battle. “But...But Tamora was really sorry, datchu,” Ti mumbled. “She looked so sad for a moment, when she saw Ichiko, datchu.”

“Wow...imagine that...” Coffee mumbled.


In Heartbreak Manor, Tamora smiled and poured a small cup of tea for the captive Cure. “Sorry it took so long~” she said. “But it took a long time getting this bear!”

Ariel was silent. She'd seen the river from her window, she knew what exactly 'took a long time' meant.

“Hm, but the lady who gave me Ichiko sure was nice...” Tamora's contemplative tone snapped Ariel back to the situation at hand, and she noticed how Tamora was frowning. And the way her hands tightened on the teapot's handle. “Maybe...Maybe...” she began.

Maybe what? What indeed?


ED: "Hummingbird" - Mana Ogawa


Coffe: “Aaaaaah, darling~!”
Hiromi: “D-Darling?”
Coffee: “It's so good to see you again! I missed you so much!”
Aki: “Darling?”
Punch: “Coffee, dear, there's no time for this! I'm here to look into the Cures you found! There's something I need to know!”
Miho: “Seriously, darling? Next time on Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts: 'A Bit of Punch...Coffee's Fiancé Arrives!' Let love heal your heart!"
Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts ep13
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A chibi commish looks something like this. Really simple, minimal shading. Chibis don't usually have a background, those are transparent. One chibi by itself is $5, any additional chibis are $2 more apiece. So this example would have cost $7.
They will be 300 points for one subject, double for each additional one.
Together Forever by Lady-Moth

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Commish - Sunset Hang-Out by Lady-Moth
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These are only $15/500 points apiece. All you have to do is give me a ref to your fan-Cure, and I'll draw their pose (if you have a particular pose in mind, tell me! If not, I'll wing it); be sure to tell me what series they're a fan-Cure for! If they're stand-alone, let me know if there's a particular "PreCure style" you want me to draw them in.

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