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Entwined Hearts CURES by Lady-Moth
Entwined Hearts CURES
Refs of the Entwined Hearts crew! 
Hiromi/Cure Capulet
Aki/Cure Montague
Miho/Cure Portia
Otome/Cure Ariel
“How could I be late?!” a woman yelled at herself as she ran up the empty stairs. “Me, a teacher! To be late for her own class! How scatterbrained can I be?”

The clicking sounds her heels made echoed around her as she ran. They were the only sounds to be heard.


“Hm?” She stopped on the landing, turning towards the large mirror that stood on the wall. The students didn't like it much, she remembered, because of some silly school ghost story. But... “Did I hear something?” she mumbled, stepping closer to it. Gently, she rested a hand against the glass surface, experimentally pressing on it a few times. “Perhaps it's coming loose...I'll have to call maintenance and--”


The woman froze, face paling. “Wh-wha--?”

A voice. A masculine, distorted voice echoed from the mirror's surface. “Heeeeaaar...meeeee...”



OP: "Pretty Cure, Hands Meet" - SHE


Hiromi and Aki were quiet as they sat at their desks, staring at the polished surface. Their friends were all exchanging concerned glances, but couldn't seem to bring themselves to say anything. And even if they did, there was no guarantee the girls would even register their words.

Tamora didn't come back... Hiromi thought.

The group had waited as long as they could. Until it got dark and the street lights turned on. Until a patrolling police officer spotted them and escorted them to Aki's house. They'd stayed up late, staring at the window, keeping the lights on to be sure.

Still no Tamora.

Aki's hands had been clasped patiently on her desk, but now they gripped hard until her knuckles turned white. Something happened. And we can't even find out what because--

“Hyaaaaaaaaaa! Miss Matokoooo!”

Everyone jumped as the door suddenly slammed open and another teacher, a blue-haired young woman with red eyes and thick, rectangular glasses, charged into the room. She staggered all the way to a startled Mrs Matoko and fell against her, her hands tightly gripping her upper arms as the other woman hugged her. “M-Miss Shinobu?” Mrs Matoko gasped. “What's the matter? Shouldn't you in your classroom?”

“Th-the mirror!” she shrieked, glasses slipping down her nose as she looked up. “The mirror spoke! The one on the stairway!”

Aki and Hiromi looked at each other across the room, their eyes wide.


TODAY'S EPISODE: Long Live the King!


“I'm telling you, it spoke!” Miss Shinobu was yelling later, a hot cup of tea between her trembling hands. “There was a voice, i-it – it said 'hear me!' It's trying to communicate!”

“Miss Shinobu, really,” the principal said in a gentle tone. He leaned forward and rested a hand on the woman's shoulder. “You're probably just overworked. You're starting to hear things.”

“I'm telling you--!”

It was a half hour later, and Miss Shinobu's charging into the classroom had pretty much ruined any thoughts of a peaceful class day. Miss Matoko had managed to yell that it was 'free study day' before escorting her colleague out the door and to the infirmary. Of course the students, both in her own class and Miss Shinobu's, opted to gossip about what had just happened instead. Aki and Hiromi had taken advantage of the disorder by slipping out the door and quickly calling up Miho's house.

And now the four Cures stood in front of the mirror, Otome at the front. She frowned as she reached out, placed her palm against the glass.

“But the mirror in Kokoro shattered. We saw it. How can someone be trying to contact us?”

“Could it be the one in Heartbreak Manor?” Coffee offered.

Miho shook her head. “Doubtful. If any of them knew we had one of the other mirrors here, they'd be here themselves right now.”

Hiromi blinked, then looked around at the others. “What if the mirror's fixed?”

This earned a quiet gasp from the others, and Aki looked at Otome, her eyes wide. “Otome! Try calling out to the other side!”

Otome nodded at Aki, her eyes narrowed and her mouth in a thin line. She turned back to the mirror, looking past her reflection and instead focusing on Ti's. He was staring with wide, hopeful eyes, and she could tell he was holding his breath. If that other mirror was repaired...they could go back, they could find his parents, perhaps. Maybe it was his parents trying to contact them right now. She shut her eyes, drew in a deep breath. “Here goes.” Otome leaned forward, her mouth centimeters from the glass's surface. “Hello! Hello, can someone hear me out there?”

The glass rippled slightly under her breath.


Punch carefully fit a jagged shard into the frame. He paused, leaning back on his haunches and wiped his brow. “How long have I been at this...?” he muttered, picking up yet another shard.

The mirror was only a fraction of the way repaired. It was rather difficult to get a good, large part of it put back together when one was less than a foot tall. He might have finished earlier, but he hadn't even realized the mirror had been broken! It was pure dumb luck, and the fact he'd emerged from the shelter to see if there'd been any change outside, that he realized this had happened at all.

Suddenly he froze, eyes widening. Was that--

”...there? Anyone.....hear me...?”

Punch gasped and nearly dropped the glass shard he was holding. Hastily, he pressed it into the frame, the glue holding it fast, and yelled against the glass. “Is someone there?! Can you hear me?!”


The girls had stood there silently, tense, for several minutes. Otome pressed her hands harder against the glass, her fingers trembling slightly.

Finally, Coffee sighed. “I don't think it's--”

“Sh!” Otome said, eyes growing wide. A second later, they heard it.

”...hear me?”

“Punch!” Coffee yelled. She was quickly shushed by the others.

A second later, they heard Punch's voice. “Coffee!.....ty”

“Punch, we're having trouble understanding you!” Otome called back. “Try getting closer to the glass!”

A moment of silence. ”Not...can do...Still repairing...”

Repairing? The girls looked at each other hopefully. Miho was the one to speak, however. “Does this mean we can go back to Kokoro? We can go back to Heartbreak Manor, we can try to--”

”--es!” Punch's voice sounded ecstatic beneath the distortion and faded quality. ”Yes! We need...something wrong outside....”

“What's wrong?”

”Storm...about to rain...Black water...”

Otome's eyes widened at this. Black water...Just like the water of the River Despair. And if Punch had seen it...there were storms, if it looked about to rain...

“The river's going to overflow and fall to Kokoro,” Otome realized, with a feeling that she'd been thrown into a bucket of ice water. “Kokoro's going to drown in despair...”

This was met with shocked gasps and whispers from the others. “Then we've got to do something!” Aki yelled.

“That's right! We should go right--” Hiromi began to say. But then something else happened.


Punch suddenly yelled in alarm and fell backwards. The glass had began to glow, ripple, and a dark shape was forcing its way through. He stood up, about to tell the girls they should have waited, but--



“Punch!” everyone screamed, crowding against the mirror. “Punch, what happened?!”

There was nothing.

For several long, agonizing minutes there was nothing.

Ti was the one to finally voice what everyone was thinking. “Something's wrong, datchu...Something is really wrong.”

“Let's go.” Otome's words were immediate; she didn't hesitate or falter once.

“But the mirror's bro--” Coffee began.

“So we'll force our way through!” Aki snapped, a hand running through her blue-black hair. “At least part of it's fixed, we can still--”

“I can't hear Punch anymore.” Otome turned around to look at the others, face slightly pale. “Guys, we have to go now!”

No more questions or words were spoken. Everyone nodded as one, charging forward. Hiromi rested her hands protectively, reassuringly, over the fairies, a silent assurance that things would be okay on the other side. One way or another.


The room hadn't changed much from the last time the girls had left. The only difference was shards of glass littering the floor, most of which had been gathered nearer the mirror frame.

The glass glowed, and the two fairies flew out, tumbling a little when they hit the floor. Ti pushed himself to his paws and looked at the mirror, brows lowered.

It rippled a bit more, and--


“C-Capulet, pull!”

“I'm trying! I'm trying!” Capulet's head and arms emerged from the small portion of glass, her hands gripping the carpet as she tried to move forward. “I-It's not a lot of space to work with!”

“Hurry uuuup...” Portia's voice growled, clearly agitated.

Ti and Coffee ran forward, grabbing one of Capulet's hands. Her other hand still gripped the floor, pulling herself forward as the fairies helped. A second later, Capulet yelped and tumbled forward, the other three Cures following.

“Owwwwowowowow...” Portia stood shakily, placing her hands on the small of her back and bending backwards. “I never want to do that again...Not through such a tiny door, anyway.”

“Now I know how Alice in Wonderland felt...” Montague added.

“Punch!” Ariel yelled, catching everyone's attention. “Punch, are you here?!” Of course there was just silence. Ariel left the room, the others close behind. She glanced one way, then the other, before picking a direction and running towards it. “Punch!”

There was no more being quiet, or stealthy, or anything like the last time they visited. Punch could be in serious danger, he could be... Ariel swallowed the lump in her throat that arose at the mere thought of that. No, she wasn't going to consider it.



Everyone gasped, skidding to a halt. There, in a dark hallway that looked familiar to Capulet, was Punch, his eyes wide. In his arms were several vials and jars of herbs, and aside from that he was fine!

“Punch!” Coffee cried, launching herself from Capulet's shoulder and into Punch's arms. The force of momentum, plus the fact that Punch was really not expecting a projectile hug, sent both of them crashing to the floor. Punch let out an 'oof' but Coffee didn't notice, nuzzling his shoulder. The jars and vials he'd been holding had been launched into the air when he fell, but Portia caught them in her cupped hands.

As Coffee began babbling and sobbing thank-goodness's and so-glad-you're-okay's, Portia held up the items to inspect them. “Punch...what are these? What happened, why'd you scream?”

“Coffee, my love, I'm fine, please--” Punch gasped as Coffee finally relinquished her hold on him, and sheepishly adjusted his glasses. “Right. Girls, you'd better come with me...”


Eyecatch 1: Coffee and Ti hold a giant heart-shaped bubble wand, the breeze sending out a stream of bubbles. Inside four of the bubbles are tiny versions of the girls. In a flash of light, the girls twirl around and transform into Pretty Cure, their bubbles immediately becoming heart-shaped. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.
Eyecatch 2: The four girls hold a large, pink heart-shaped cookie between them; Hiromi taking the left arc, Aki taking the right, Miho and Otome firmly holding either side of the bottom half. They snap the cookie apart and there is a bright pink flash of light. When it fades, the quartet are in their Cure forms, happily eating their cookie pieces. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.


Punch had led them all down the hall and through that door that had been locked when Capulet found it. Through it was a long stone staircase, without any light to guide the way. Or so it seemed – Punch hopped onto the first step, and the girls found that each step light up when touched. This way anyone hiding could see, but not give themselves away with light. If they were quick enough, that was.

After the staircase was another, locked door, and inside there...

“Cure Ariel!” a group of fairies yelled, launching themselves at the twin-tailed girl.

Ariel smiled, hugging them to her chest. “So you've all been hiding here?” she half-laughed, half-sobbed.

“Not everyone,” said one of the human occupants. “But yes, we've been using this place as shelter.”

Unlike the stairway leading to it, this room was particularly well-lit. It was wide, spacious, divided into sections for the sick and injured, and Ti pointed out that the many jars and urns down a small hallway held food.

“Girls, over here!” Punch called, catching their attention again. “Bring the herbs over to me.” He was standing by a curtained-off area, someone's silhouette able to be vaguely seen. The girls followed to see--


“She arrived just a little bit ago,” Punch explained, adjusting the blanket that covered the girl up to her chest. “That's what this medicine is for.”

“Medicine?” Montague muttered. “Why does – Our attacks don't do this, do they?”

“No, that wasn't it.” Punch's tone was grave as he dropped some of the herbs into a steaming cup and gently pressed the edge to Tamora's mouth. Some of the liquid trickled around the corners of her mouth, but most of it was swallowed, even if she wasn't conscious for it. “I had the physician look at her...She was pale, freezing cold, and had too slow of a heartbeat; I thought she was dead at first.

“Tamora's been poisoned.”

Everyone gasped.

“I'd been speaking to you...” Punch explained, knowing what one of their next questions would be. “When...”


Punch yelled and drew back, eyes wide in first alarm...and then terror as Riche crawled out of the small portal he'd made. Thinking quickly, he seized a nearby piece of glass, prepared to defend himself the only way he knew how--

But then his expression softened and grew confused as someone else appeared, dragged by the wrist. She fell unconsciously to the floor, and Riche gathered her up in his arms, shooting Punch a desperate look.

“I beg you,” he said. “I beg of you, I don't know where else I can – Something's wrong with Tamora, I beg you to save her. I'll do anything if you save her and don't punish her for what we've done! She's just a child, she--”

Punch held up one paw, looking sternly at the older man. They stayed there, locked in a staring match, a moment longer before Punch turned. “Follow me, quickly. When I reach a hallway, stay where you are, and one of our doctors will meet you.”


“I couldn't abandon either of them,” Punch sighed, setting the cup back on the table. “Regardless of what Shitsuren did to our land, Tamora is a child. And even knowing Riche is an adult, I couldn't condemn her because of him.”

“Where's Riche now?” Ariel asked, holding Tamora's limp, still cold hand.

“He...He left the castle entrance,” Punch said, sounding confused. “I don't know why, but he went to walk back instead of using the mirror...”

“He knew we would be here,” Portia muttered. “He figured Punch was trying to speak to us, and knew we'd come. He wants to meet us directly.”

“Good,” said Montague, frowning. “Because we want to get to the River Despair.”

“What?” Punch looked up, eyes wide. “Girls, no! No, it's too dangerous for--”

“Punch, there is little other choice!” Capulet cried, face turning red. “Look at Tamora! You said yourself there are storm clouds gathering, it looks about to rain...Something's going on with the river, and we have to stop whatever it is to protect Kokoro!”

“We're not taking no for an answer,” Portia added.

Punch stared. Then he looked to Tamora. And then he sighed.

“....very well then.”


”Go straight as soon as you exit the castle. Keep running until you find an arch – that's the entry to the kingdom. Continue straight, and you'll find the river.”

None of them knew how that would even work, but they were willing to try. They had to try.

That was why the four Cures were racing across the ruined, blackened landscape that was once Kokoro. Punch had been right – up above were dark storm-clouds, churning and threatening to burst any second. And thought it wasn't raining per se, a few noticeable drops fell to earth. Some were close enough for the girls to see that the water was indeed pitch-black. And when one grazed Capulet's cheek as it fell, it burned.  

This had to be stopped.

Ariel led the way, knowing the area better than the others – even in its current state. Her expression hardened as she recalled what had just happened in the castle.


”We'll come too, datchu!” Ti yelled, paws curling into fists. “We should help!”

“No, Ti,” Capulet said. Despite her soft, gentle voice, there was a bit of steel beneath it. Something that said she was not to be argued with here. “We need you and Coffee to stay behind with Punch.”

“Capulet's right.” Montague put a hand on her shoulder. “It's dangerous out there. We don't know what to expect or what will happen...we'd feel a lot better if you were here, safe.”

Before either fairy could protest, Punch reached out and gently held their paws. As the two looked at him in surprise, Punch just stared up at Pretty Cure, resolute. “I'll look after them with the others. Good luck, Pretty Cure.”


“We're nearly there, look!” Ariel shouted, pointing straight ahead.

Sure enough, they were. They could see something in the distance – like black lightning over the ground. Drawing closer, they saw it wasn't over ground, but over something else. The ground seemed to indent, and inside that indentation was--

“The River Despair!” Montague yelled. “We made it!”


The girls stopped on the riverbanks, gasping at the familiar voice.

In their haste, they had failed to notice Riche on one of the rocks piercing the water's surface.

He fixed them with a hard look, shoulders tense but no other outward sign of aggression. “You want to get to the River Despair? To Heartbreak Manor? You must get past me.”

“What are you even going to make an Usotsuki out of?” Portia demanded. “There's nothing here!”

“No Usotsuki this time,” Riche said flatly. Before everyone's eyes, he reached up and clasped the Heartbreak Brooch on his chest.

And tore it off, tossing it into the water below. The girls gasped in horror as the waters had an adverse affect on it; before their very eyes it turned blacker than pitch, briefly trembled, then burst apart into pieces. Pure despair had been too much for it and made it shatter.

This would happen to anything that fell into the river.

“Today I'll face you...” Dark energy materialized in his open palm, swiftly elongating and becoming snake-like. He grasped it, and in a purple flash, it became a crackling whip. “With my own power!”

Riche flung the whip outward, and before anyone could react, it snaked around Ariel's wrist. She was yanked forward, yelling in alarm as she saw she was about to fall into the churning waters--

--Then slammed her feet down, digging her heels into one of the rocks dotting the surface. She stood her ground, teeth grit as she pulled her wrist back, keeping Riche from trying it again. “Don't think it'll be that easy!” she snarled.

The other three launched themselves across the river next. Portia landed beside Ariel, grabbing her wrist with one hand and the whip with the other to hold the people on both ends steady. In the very next instant, Capulet's arms snapped around Riche's middle as she intended to shove him off-balance.

“Nor for you!” Riche yelled. He didn't let go of the whip handle, but he did turn himself around suddenly. Capulet spun with him, the force of the swing forcing her to let go.

She shrieked in alarm as she sailed through the air, feet pointed to the water--

“Gotcha!” Montague intercepted her in mid-air, having landed on a rock nearby earlier and jumped back up when she saw what Riche was going to do. She held Capulet in one arm, swinging her free one at the water as they began to fall towards it again. A blast of blue energy surged from her hand. It struck the river and the sudden opposing force sent her upward again, enough time and height given to allow her to land on another rock. The only problem was it was further from the battle than before.

This didn't deter either of them, as they linked hands and faced Riche together. ”Entwine! Our hearts are one! Pretty Cure...Dual Heart Strike!”

Riche swung his arm harder than ever--

--Flinging the other two Cures into the path of the attack.

”Hyaaaaaaaa!” they shrieked as one, something like lightning dancing over their skin.

“Portia! Ariel!”

The attack didn't even stop, however. It kept going, surging around and past the girls. Towards Riche.

Having an obstacle in the way meant he didn't take a direct hit. But the force and the strength it held still affected him. Riche was shoved backwards, his eyes widening, heart jumping into his throat as he felt his feet slip out from under him. He was too far backwards now, he couldn't regain balance...

He didn't even feel the whip he still held go tauter than ever.

Tamora... he thought, eyes closing.


Riche's eyes opened wide when he felt the weight on his wrist. He craned his neck to see Pretty Cure, all four of them, standing in the same rock as himself. All four of them holding him by the wrist, determination in their features. Riche was literally balancing on the edge of his heel, the four girls being the only thing keeping him from falling into those churning, frothy waters.

“Pretty Cure?” he gasped.

“We're not letting you go!” Capulet yelled.

“We're not letting anyone get hurt, no matter which side they're on!” Montague added.

“We might not have been able to save Shylock or Tamora...but we can save you!” Portia declared.

“Because despite everything, we love you too!” Ariel yelled.

At those words, the girls gave one mighty pull, and Riche was back on the relative safety of the rock, dropping to his knees in a mixture of shock, exhaustion, and relief.


“I...found her. In the hall,” Riche admitted later, after they'd all returned to the bank. He still knelt, head bowed, refusing to look at Pretty Cure directly. “I saw her there, just lying there...”

He recalled how his steps had faltered when he saw her, and then he'd run forward, dropping to his knees and dirtying the knees of his pants. “Tamora!” he had cried, holding her, one hand behind her head. “Tamora, can you hear me?! Tamora!!!” he'd screamed, shaking her.

“She was breathing, but just barely...It was enough. I couldn't take her to Break, I knew he must have intended this. I didn't want to get Lady involved, so I took her to the only place I knew...”

“You knew we'd come too, did you?” asked Capulet gently.

Riche nodded. “I wanted to save her, and have her be pardoned...But I knew I could not be. So I waited here for you...Thinking you would surely--”

“We didn't. We wouldn't.” Montague was firm. “Riche...we don't know what's going on, but this isn't the time to ask. Right now, we need to make sure the River Despair doesn't rain its water into Kokoro. Can you--?”

He shook his head. “I cannot stop it. I don't know how to do that, I don't have any of that sort of power.” Finally he looked up. “But you, perhaps...No, you're Pretty Cure. You I know have that power.”

He stood up, not smiling. “Follow me,” he said, walking forward.

Portia raised an eyebrow and planted her hands on her hips. “Riche? That's just the wall of a cliff.”

“Is it now?” Riche waved a hand over it--

--and a few stones slid to the side, revealing a tunnel.

He finally did smile, seeing the girls' surprised expressions. “This way.” And he went inside.

Pretty Cure all exchanged glances. This was it...Montague grabbed Capulet's hand, squeezed it reassuringly. Capulet squeezed back, and took Portia's hand with her other. Portia in turn held Ariel's hand. They smiled at one another, and moved forward.

They entered the tunnel the same way they would enter any situation, any environment.



ED: "Rainbow-Colored Future" – BoA ft. Entwined Hearts 4


Hiromi: “The River Despair will not rain despair on Kokoro!”
Miho: “We'll destroy it, once and for all! Drain it all!”
Otome: “Wait, something else is here... Wh-What is this?!”
Aki: “Next time on Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts: 'Drain the River! Break Finally Appears! ' Let love heal your heart!”
Tamora stood tensely in the darkened room, her back ramrod straight and her arms poised at her sides. She kept her head bowed respectfully, and noticed, too late and with some horror, that she still held Ichiko by one of her plush paws.

Maybe if she hurried, she could subtly toss the bear behind her back, hide it--


Shoot. “Y-Yes, Break,” Tamora said, keeping her voice low to hide how it trembled.

“Look outside.”

Tamora slowly turned her head to gaze out the window.

Break just chuckled. “No, no, dear girl...Go to the window, you cannot see from here.” As Break watched the teen slowly move to peer out the window, took note of how her brows lifted in amazement, they went on. “The river is rising considerably. It has come a long way since when we first invaded Kokoro...In short time, it will overflow into Kokoro and rain despair into the land. My servants should be proud. However...” Tamora flinched, but Break didn't seem to care. “You have failed a considerable amount of times...”

“B-Break!” Tamora cried, whipping her head around to look at the cloaked figure. “You just said the river was--”

“Yes, this is true. You and the others have succeeded in filling it. However, you have failed at destroying our one obstacle – Pretty Cure. You have faced them the most, and yet you have not managed to remove even one of them.

“I am giving you one last chance.”

Tamora blinked, paling somewhat. “O-One...?”

“Do not disappoint me, Tamora...regardless of how your next battle turns out, come to see me.”

Tamora bowed stiffly, her grip on Ichiko's paw tightening as she fought to keep her heart at a reasonable rate. “Y-Yes, Break...”


OP: "Pretty Cure, Hands Meet" - SHE


“Wakey-wakey, everyone~!” Miho cheered. A moment later, Antoinette let out a muffled cry of outraged shock and pulled the pillow away from her face.

“Miho! Did you have to throw it at me?” she shrieked, throwing it right back.

The redhead laughed as she twisted her body to the side, and the pillow hit Yuki behind her. “Well, we didn't get to have a pillow-fight earlier! C'mon!” she yelled, picking up another pillow and throwing it at Mirai.

“This would never be allowed at my house!” Antoinette was yelling above the noise. “If my mother caught you throwing one of her pillows, she'd – geh!”

Otome stood there, arm still held in position, grinning broadly.

Antoinette's grip tightened on her own pillow, and she turned around with a dark grin on her face. ”This. Means. War~” she declared. And a moment later, a fluffy pink pillow was hurtling towards Otome.

Everyone was so into the fight that no one noticed when the door opened.

“Excuse me--!” Sebastian got hit in the face by a lace heart pillow.

“A-Ah, Sebastian, I'm sor--” Aki began. Then she yelped and threw herself to the floor as her butler plucked the pillow off his face and chucked it at her.

Sebastian just smiled, adjusting his waistcoat and brushing back a few strands of hair. “I assume you've all worked up an appetite? Because it's breakfast time.”


TODAY'S EPISODE: The Princess's Last Test!


A short time later, everyone was dressed and sitting around Aki's rather large dining table. Luckily everyone liked French Toast – though Otome couldn't seem to stop staring and start eating.

“I've never seen bread this...floppy,” she mumbled, holding a piece on her fork. She gave it an experimental wiggle, raising her eyebrows as she followed its movement. “And put it in the syrup, right?”

“Just don't soak it, or you'll get nothing but mush,” Yuki said, reaching over to stop her from pouring too much of the stuff onto it. Neither he nor anyone else made a comment on Otome not knowing what French Toast was.

Ti and Coffee didn't seem to either, but they certainly liked it. They sat under Hiromi's chair, munching half a slice of toast each. “The powdered sugar is the best part, datchu,” Ti managed around a mouthful.

“Remember to eat a healthier dinner after this, Ti,” Coffee said.

“So what is everyone doing today?” Mirai finally asked, tenting her fingers and smiling around the group. “We'll have to separate eventually...”

“Yeah, I gotta go help Mom with cleaning the kitchen,” Yuki grumbled, twirling his fork around between his fingers. “She says since I'm the one who uses it most, I should do more of the cleaning...”

“Well, Bitsy probably misses me a lot. I'll just stay with him,” Antoinette said with a small shrug.

Hiromi was buttering some of her toast when Mirai leaned over and nudged her in the side. “Eh?”

“Psst, Hiromi...” Mirai whispered, eyes wide. “Premonition! You'll be among roses.”

“Eh?” Hiromi blinked. “Roses...?”


“Tea, darling?” Lady offered the tray to Riche, smiling as he took a cup. She took one for herself and settled on the love seat besides him, idly sipping. “You seem troubled.”

“It's Tamora,” he muttered into his cup. “I worry about her. She's taken Shylock's death a bit harder than I believed she would. And Break is correct – she has failed the most out of any of us. I just hope she won't hurt herself this time...

“And that Break will go easy on her.”

“You doubt her?” Lady asked, delicate brows arched.

Riche sighed. “It is not that. It is...she's young. She's still a child – fifteen is still a child. She's emotional, she's inexperienced, she...” He sighed again, this time running a hand over his eyes. “I worry for her, is all.”

Lady said nothing, just took another drink of tea. Her brows furrowed slightly, as if in thought. Finally, she lowered the cup to her saucer and touched Riche's shoulder. “We'll see what happens...Until then, please drink your tea. It'll get cold,” she added with a tiny smile.

Riche managed a chuckle before sipping at his tea again.


“Bye, Mirai! See you tomorrow at school!” the girls called. Mirai smiled and lifted her hand in farewell before she turned and jogged down the sidewalk towards her house. And that made all of their friends safe in their homes.

Miho sighed and put her hands behind her head as the group began to walk. “I don't feel like goin' home just yet...You think we should do something together, just Pretty Cure?”

“We always do that,” Aki said.

Miho just shrugged. “I just don't wanna go home just yet. Nana's on a deadline,” she added, dropping her voice to a loud whisper. “She gets really edgy when deadlines loom. The last thing I need is to open the door and have her yell at me for almost making her spill her inkwell.”

After the laughter died down, Otome noticed something. “What's that wall? I haven't seen that before.”

“Hm?” Aki turned to look, smiling at the sight of a low marble wall a little ahead of them. “Oh, that's Rose Palace Gardens. They're normally closed to the public and only the really rich folks get to go in. But...” She frowned. “huh, they seem to be letting people in...”

Curious, the group approached the gate midway down the wall, where a pink-haired woman in a tea party dress was ushering people inside with a smile. “Yes, come in, everyone! Be happy for the owner's generosity today! Free of charge, everyone, free of charge!”

“Hi! What's free of charge?” Aki asked as they stopped in front of the woman.

“Ah, Miss Oshiro! Well, you see, the owner's been preparing a new section of the gardens for a few months now, and now that it's finished, he wants as many people to enjoy it as possible.” She turned to look inside the garden, smiling in an affectionate manner. “It's a rose maze! Like a hedge maze, but made of rosebushes.” The woman looked to the group. “Do you want to try?”

Hiromi's eyes widened slightly. ”You'll be among roses!” Mirai's premonitions were always accurate to some extent... “Yes, please!” she blurted out.

Everyone turned to look at her in surprise, then everyone smiled and shrugged in agreement. “Yeah, why not?” Miho said.

“There's something like this in Ko –  back home! I'd love to enjoy it again.”

“Well, sounds like it's unanimous,” Aki laughed.

The woman stepped aside and jerked her head towards the inner garden. “Go right through! Go under the rose arch and do your best~!”


The rosebushes went several feet above everyone's heads, so there was no chance of cheating. Petals littered the ground at their feet like a pink and red carpet. “You know,” Miho said. “This kinda makes me feel like a princess!”

“I don't have a maze like this! Not in the palace anyway, datchu,” Ti mumbled in disappointment. “It's not fair...”

Otome chuckled, stroking the top of Ti's fuzzy little head. “At least you get to enjoy it now, right?”

“I guess, datchu...”

They decided to stay together as they walked. Better to stay as a group than get separated and then have to spend half their day finding each other again. The good news was, the pathways in the maze were rather wide, so it was never cramped. They were even able to walk past over maze-enjoyers without any trouble. Coffee waved at a few of them, much to their amusement.

Eventually they reached the center of the maze, which was a large open circle with a fountain and several tables laden with food and drink. Another woman in a dress stood by the tables, offering refreshments to the people passing by. “Ah, hello!” she called to the group. “Welcome to the rest stop~! Would you like to stay and rest a bit?”

“Hey, I'm not denying free food,” Miho said with a grin, sauntering over to one of the tables and taking a seat. She laughed as the others joined her, and the woman set a pitcher of lemonade on the table.

“We have little slices of cake, cookies, and some triangle sandwiches to eat. What would you like?”

“Sandwiches and cake, please,” Hiromi said softly, adjusting her glasses.


Hovering above the scene, Tamora rested her hand over her Heartbreak Brooch. Her throat felt tight as she remembered Break's words.

“This time...this time for sure!”


Eyecatch 1: Coffee and Ti hold a giant heart-shaped bubble wand, the breeze sending out a stream of bubbles. Inside four of the bubbles are tiny versions of the girls. In a flash of light, the girls twirl around and transform into Pretty Cure, their bubbles immediately becoming heart-shaped. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.
Eyecatch 2: The four girls hold a large, pink heart-shaped cookie between them; Hiromi taking the left arc, Aki taking the right, Miho and Otome firmly holding either side of the bottom half. They snap the cookie apart and there is a bright pink flash of light. When it fades, the quartet are in their Cure forms, happily eating their cookie pieces. The Entwined Hearts logo appears in the corner.


Ti flopped onto his belly on the tabletop, having just finished a strawberry sandwich. “I'm stuffed, datchu...” he moaned. “Aki, make us strawberry sandwiches too!”

Aki laughed and poked Ti in the back, making the little fairy squeak. “Alright, I'll talk to Sebastian about it.”

Hiromi leaned back in her chair and smiled as a gentle breeze teased her pigtails, wafting the scent of roses towards her. “This is nice,” she murmured. “Miho was right, you really feel like a princess here...”

“Being a princess isn't always fun.”

The girls jumped up, startled to see Tamora suddenly standing a few feet away from them. Her shoulders were tensed, her jaw set as she glared tearfully at them. “It's not always fun,” she repeated. “Sometimes...sometimes you have to make a lot of hard choices! Sometimes you lose your friends and family. Sometimes the enemy wants to be your friend and you do too but there's war and the threat of being called a traitor and... And some princesses die! Some are imprisoned and then die! Being a princess is no fun!”

“Tamora?” Otome whispered, a chill running down her spine. “Tamora, what's wrong--”

“I don't want to be the princess! I don't want to, I hate it now! Why do you get to act like it's so fun, when...when something so bad is happening?!
You're just like those princesses who don't do anything, just sit on the throne and eat and play and then get beheaded because you're so...” Tamora hiccuped, angrily wiping at her eyes.

The woman in the dress nervously approached her. “M-Miss, you're frightening the other customers, please--”

“I can't lose today...I just can't! I'll take at least one of you down today!” Tamora yelled, swiftly uncapping her Heartbreak Marker. She scribbled a slashed heart in the air, then flung her arms out, causing the symbol to break apart into a flurry of black pieces. As those pieces flew out to settle among the rose bushes, Tamora cried out “Fall into heartbreaking despair! Come out, Usotsuki!”

Her Heartbreak Brooch flared with a black aura as she was concealed in a flurry of roses – petals, stems, whole blossoms, while the bushes were becoming bare.

From within the flurry of blossoms, bright red pinpricks suddenly appeared just before the roses surged into the vortex.

“I am an Usotsuki!” Tamora cried, glaring down at the girls with her now red-and-black eyes. Yes, down. Tamora was now twice her usual size, the roses all forming a large gown that lifted her up off the ground. One large rose was fused to her chest, the Heartbreak Brooch right in the center. ”Despair!”

There were faint thumps as the garden visitors all collapsed one by one, their wails filling the air. Though the girls couldn't see all of them, they all knew they looked the same as everyone before: tear-stained faces, runny noses, expressions like their entire worlds had fallen apart. Steams of blackness were pulled out of them and into the sky as Tamora spoke again.

“Your heartbreak will fill the River Despair and flood the world~!” Tamora then screeched, wordlessly this time, and plunged her hands into the large rose on her chest. She then surged forward in a flurry of petals, withdrawing her hands and swinging the huge, sword-like thorns she'd created.

“Hyaah!” The girls fell back, arms up to cover their faces from the sharp leaves trailing in the wake of Tamora's swings. Miho yelped as one leaf nicked her finger, near the Cure Signet.

“Pretty Cure, datchu!”


The girls lowered their arms, eyes widening when they saw the little fairy on one of Tamora's thorn-swords. His little paws were wrapped tightly around it, teeth buried in the wood. “Leave 'em alone!” he managed to yell, his voice muffled. “Leave PreCure alone!”

“You have nothing to do with this fight!” Tamora shrieked. ”Just...stay...down!” She swung her arm...

And there was a sick thwack and a brief yelp of pain. And then Ti lay unmoving on the ground.

”Tiii!” five voices yelled as one.

“Pretty Cure, Love's Song!”
“The innocent love in a maiden's heart, Cure Capulet!”
“The sincere love in a maiden's heart, Cure Montague!”
“The steadfast love in a maiden's heart, Cure Portia!”
”The everlasting love in a maiden's heart, Cure Ariel!” 
“Our hearts connected! Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts!”

“Hyaaah!” Tamora thrust another sword-thorn out at the group, not caring who she stabbed as long as it was someone.

She only stabbed air, however, and just as she was swinging around to strike at the leaping Cures, a blast of aqua light struck one of the thorns, making large cracks appear from the point of impact. Another flurry of pink lights followed, forcing Tamora to block with the other thorn. So focused was she on her two attackers, she didn't see the tan blur shoot past her and through one of the hedge walls.

“Ti...Ti, can you speak?” whispered Portia, her trembling voice betraying her. Gently, she nudged the fairy with her thumbs, holding her breath and praying...

“Port...ia...?” Ti mumbled, eyes slowly opening.

Portia's sigh of relief was audible, but Coffee's crying out was louder. “Thank goodness...”

“Ti!” Coffee wailed, hugging him close. “Are you okay? Are your ribs hurt, can you breathe?”

“I can breathe...Just hurts.”

“Coffee, I need you to stay here with Ti,” Portia whispered, rising into a kneeling position.

“You don't need to say it!” Coffee said, hugging Ti even tighter. “Go get her!”

Portia nodded determinedly, briefly brought herself lower to the ground--

--and then shot up, rotating at the peak of her jump to throw her hands downward, aiming for Tamora. ”Sound of the Bells! Chest of Revelation! Pretty Cure Bronze Truth Shoot!”

Out of the resulting light and dust explosion, Tamora leaped out, heading straight for Portia. “Those don't even work anymore!” she yelled, drawing back one of her swords and driving it towards Portia's chest.

Portia quickly leaned to the side and grabbed the thorn. “I know.” Holding tight, she spun around, dragging Tamora alongside her, then hurled her down to the ground. “That was a distraction for Ariel!”

“Haaaah!” Ariel surged forward, driving the flat of her foot into Tamora's back as the girl fell towards her. Regaining her balance, she sent a concerned, frantic expression to the Shitsuren girl. “Tamora! Undo your transformation! Please!”

Tamora yelled in pain and fury, whirling herself around and flinging the thorn towards Ariel like a javelin.

“Ariel!” Montague yelled, shoving her out of the way. The thorn speared into the ground, sinking three-fourths into the earth. Not missing a beat, Montague flung her arm out, sending a flurry of blue spheres of light that rushed for Tamora and exploded on contact.

Tamora shielded the worst of it with her arms forming an X in front of her, her teeth grit. “Stay down! Just stay down!” she screamed, tearing one of the roses off her skirt. She flung it outward, and suddenly the air was filled with blurs of red and pink. Thousands and thousands of rose petals swarmed the air like angry hornets, obscuring everyone's vision as they were forced to land, trying to shield their eyes as if that would increase visibility.

”I told you, I can't lose anymore! I can't! I'll get in big trouble! You say you want to be my friend, Ariel, so why don't you be a friend and die for me?!” Tamora's voice screeched among the rustling of petals. ”Your or any one of your other friends!”

“That's not what a friend would do!” Capulet yelled, eyes still squeezed tight. “Tamora, listen – we'll be your friends too, but you have to stop this! Don't you see what you're doing is hurting everyone?!”

“You're scared!” Portia yelled. “You're scared, we get it! You don't want to get in trouble, something's going to happen, whatever it is! But we can help you! We can protect you from whatever--”

”Shut uuuuup!” Tamora yelled. She hovered above the swarm of roses, hands over her ears, eyes squeezed tightly shut. ”I wanted to be Ariel's friend!” she sobbed. The roses slowed, ever so slightly. ”I was considering it! But I can't! Shylock's dead and I'm in big trouble! If I become your friend, I'll die! I've got nothing else to do, I've got nowhere else to go now! I have to do this!”

Capulet slowly lowered her arms, one eye opening as she looked up.

”I have to keep fighting! I have to fight and fight and fight until I can't anymore! There's no other way!”

There is, Capulet thought, mouth drawn in a determined line. I can make her stop!

There was a sudden burst of pink light, blasting the roses apart and forcing the storm to stop. Tamora froze, eyes wide and pupils pinpricks. ”Wh-what?!”

”Pretty Cure! Love's Song! Abundant innocent love, Lovely Cure Capulet! Sound of the Bells! A Lovely Song! Pretty Cure Golden Innocent Shoot!”

Tamora could only watch in horror and dread as the glowing heart streaked for her – and then sped up, narrowing itself as it shot for its true goal.

Her Heartbreak Brooch.

Thin red cracks spider-webbed across its surface as the glowing heart struck it. Only Tamora's silhouette could be seen as she was enveloped in a golden aura, shreds of darkness and petals evaporating from her. Her Heartbreak Brooch held on just a moment longer, then shattered into tiny pieces. The aura took care of the rest, disintegrating them into nothingness.

The garden shifted to normal as a soft golden glow settled over everything. Various park visitors slowly lifted their faces, wiping their tears on their sleeves. What had just happened?

Tamora sat in the middle of the pathway, eyes wide in disbelief. She'd lost...she'd lost and her Heartbreak Brooch was gone on top of that. She was...She was going to be...


Gasping in alarm, Tamora lifted her head to look at the girls approaching her. Her face paled and she drew back slightly, arms shaking as Otome walked right up to her...

And gathered her in her arms, pressing Tamora's head to her shoulder.


“Tamora...It'll be okay,” Otome whispered soothingly, tilting her face towards her. “It'll be okay...You don't have to do this anymore. You can stop now...You can stop.”

Coffee and Ti hopped onto Hiromi's shoulders as everyone watched to see Tamora's reaction.

Tamora herself sat there, arms limp at her sides for a few moments. Then, with a tiny sob, she drew her arms up, hugging Otome tightly as thin streams of tears trickled down her cheeks. “I can really stop? I can get away?” she sobbed.

Otome nodded, tears dotting her lashes.

Tamora just knelt there, sobbing faintly as she hugged Otome tight. Then the others noticed her becoming see-through. “I-I'll come back,” she promised as she began to teleport away. “I'll come back, I promise!”


Sunset. The girls stood outside the garden, exchanging wary glances.

“What did she mean? What's happening back there where she lives?” Aki whispered.

“Whatever it is, I don't think we know the whole story...” Hiromi said with a frown.

Otome sighed. “We can ask her later...When she comes back.”


Tamora moved quickly and quietly. Ichiko had been left in the sitting room, she remembered that. Riche and Lady were probably preoccupied; at least she sincerely hoped they were, and wouldn't notice her here. Break hardly left wherever it was they stayed, so there was no worry about--


The girl froze as she entered the sitting room, seeing Lady pouring a cup of tea.

“It is you! I've been expecting you.”

“Y-Yeah...” Tamora crossed the room to grab Ichiko. “I was just picking up Ichiko before I saw Break,” she lied. “I can't seem to go anywhere in this place without her now.”

“Some tea before you go?” Lady offered, pushing the cup towards her. “It's jasmine. It'll soothe your nerves.”

Tamora took the tea and hastily downed it – and almost laughed at Lady's displeased expression. “Jasmine tea is supposed to be savored, drank slowly...” Lady mumbled, a hand over her mouth.

“Ahaha! S-Sorry about that...” Tamora said, then straightened up, setting the cup back on the saucer. “I better not put it off. See you soon, Lady!”

“Goodbye, Tamora, dear.”


Tamora didn't move for Break's room. Instead, she headed for the large doors at the mansion's exit. All she had to do was go through the doors, and then she would be able to teleport wherever she wanted, without the need for the mirrors.

But...was the door always so far away? Was the hall always so dark? Tamora blinked as she took another step, and another...but was she even going anywhere? She didn't seem to be making a lot of progress...and her stomach--

She gasped, falling to her knees. Her stomach--! Her stomach burned fiercely, the burning spreading to her chest--

--And then, abruptly, the pain was replaced by an odd, draining numbness. A thick curtain of darkness and silence fell over her, and her vision began to swim. What little vision she had left, that is. Everything was dark, it was too dark...

“” she managed to say around her tongue, which felt too thick and slow now. She was so tired, though, so tired...It'd be easier to just...But then she'd...But she wanted to just sleep, but then there were her friends...She had to...

She lifted an arm, feeling like she was moving through maple syrup, and set it a few inches in front of her. She tried to drag herself down the hall, but her arm buckled from the effort.


Ichiko fell to the floor, a solid thump sounding in the hallway a second after. And then there were no more sounds, or movements.


ED: "Rainbow-Colored Future" – BoA ft. Entwined Hearts 4


Otome: “Where's Tamora...? Something's wrong, something's not right!”
Aki: “Wait a second – guys, look, the mirror!”
Hiromi: “Is that Punch's voice?!”
Coffee: “Something's happening!”
Miho: “Next time on Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts: 'Long Live The King!' Let love heal your heart!”
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I got PayPal working for me, so this time paying is a lot easier, less stressful…and I think I've gotten better! (There's also a special thing my fellow PreCure fans can request~)

A chibi commish looks something like this. Really simple, minimal shading. Chibis don't usually have a background, those are transparent. One chibi by itself is $5, any additional chibis are $2 more apiece. So this example would have cost $7.
They will be 300 points for one subject, double for each additional one.
Together Forever by Lady-Moth

:bulletred:"Painting" Style
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These are going for $25, or 700 points.
Commish - Sunset Hang-Out by Lady-Moth
SS: Sugar Wind by Lady-Moth

These can be with a background or without. Fake screencaps and PreCure finishing poses can fall under these points values! A cel-shaded piece is $10 with a simple background, like the following example. A background-less image is $7.
They will be 500 points apiece.
SS: Dreamcatcher by Lady-Moth

Soft-shading is $15 with a simple background, again like the first image, and $10 without a background, like the bottom image.
They are 550 points apiece.
Magical Confessor Ai by Lady-Moth
Magical Moth by Lady-Moth

And finally, something Pretty Cure fans can request…

Do you have a fanCure? Want to commission their end-of-transformation pose?
A Vivid Wish, Creating Hope by Lady-Moth
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A Single Flower Blooming in Winter by Lady-Moth

These are only $15/500 points apiece. All you have to do is give me a ref to your fan-Cure, and I'll draw their pose (if you have a particular pose in mind, tell me! If not, I'll wing it); be sure to tell me what series they're a fan-Cure for! If they're stand-alone, let me know if there's a particular "PreCure style" you want me to draw them in.

Oh but maybe you'd like a fake poster for your fanseries?
Starshine Pretty Cure by Lady-Moth
Pretty Cure Saison Scents by Lady-Moth
These are $25 or 800 points. Again, tell me which style, if any, you would prefer!

:bulletred:To reiterate::bulletred:
Chibis: $5/300 points for one person, added $2/double points for each more
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Cel-shading: $10 w/ background, $7 w/o background, or 500 points
Soft-shading: $15 w/ background, $10 w/o background, or 550 points
Pretty Cure Pose: $15/500 points
Pretty Cure Poster: $25/800 points

Just send me a Note with what you want/any references, I'll tell you the price and you can pay by PayPal. Once I get the money, I'll get to work and put your picture up!



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